Kabba-Bunu benefits from the government of Kogi’s provision of a market facility.

Market infrastructure for farmers and women has been built by the Kogi government at the agricultural village of Oke-Ofin in the Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area.

The State Security Adviser, retired Cdr. Jerry Omodara, who represented the governor at the inauguration on Thursday, praised the state government for the generous act towards the local community.

Omodara remarked that the market infrastructure was the best possible option for the neighbourhood. He said the locals were mostly farmers and had developed no adequate social or economic infrastructure.

Omodara, a local resident, explained that individuals from the north of the country frequently visit the area to unload yams and other farm goods due to the lack of a reliable distribution network.
The governor’s efforts with the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s Value Chain Development Programme (IFAD/VCDP) were lauded by the speaker.

The initiative’s VCDP intervention projects have benefited the well-being and livelihoods of the people of the state, the security adviser emphasised.

To better the lives of the locals, he praised the efforts of Dr. Stella Adejoh, the State Programme Coordinator of IFAD-VCDP, and her team in establishing the market in Oke-Ofin.
He praised the ladies of the market, who would benefit most from the new facility, and urged them to put it to good use.

Dr. Adejoh had previously thanked the governor for his unwavering support of the VCDP activities that will be rolled out across the state’s five beneficiary local government areas.
She said that the VCDP has greatly improved the lives of its recipients in the state and helped bring an end to poverty for the region’s farmers.

The SPC guaranteed the people that the VCDP would always back their efforts to boost economic growth, lessen poverty, and guarantee food supply. She praised the ladies for their long history of working with the state government and urged them to use the market to advance social welfare.

The coordinator urged the ladies to continue giving 110% to the activities so that their goals would be met.

She emphasised that if the market’s infrastructure were well-used and well-maintained, she would feel more accomplished.
She stressed that the goals of the VCDP were to give smallholder farmers the tools they needed to combat poverty, hunger, and famine.

Mrs. Funke Joseph, leader of the market women, expressed gratitude on behalf of the recipients to the governor, the Federal Government, and the IFAD-VCDP.

For a town full of farmers and businesswomen, “market infrastructure” ranks high on the list of necessities, but before the governor and VCDP got involved, there wasn’t anything in place.

“We are very grateful to the governor and the VCDP for the gesture,” she remarked.

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