FAAN’s revenue-generating ability will be optimised by the FG.

The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to increasing the output of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), according to Mr. Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development.

The statement was released on Friday in Abuja by the ministry’s head of public affairs, Mr. Odutayo Oluseyi. The minister mentioned Lagos as the source of 60% of FAAN’s revenue during a tour of the airport’s infrastructure.

According to Keyamo, the airport’s new terminal is capable of handling a large volume of passengers thanks to its 60 check-in counters.

As one reviewer put it, “The old terminal should be completely overhauled; the central cooling system is broken, and there is a lot of dilapidation.”All airlines currently operating out of the old terminal are required to move their check-in counters to the new terminal within the next three months.

He said that the airport concessions and the Nigeria Air Project would be stopped until he briefed the president on the findings. Keyamo was all for helping out the regional airlines, but he wanted to see improvements before he gave his full support.

The minister assured the public that inquiries would be conducted into flight cancellations and delays, and that laws would be enforced as necessary.

Therefore, he suggested that the owners of unused planes remove them so that the apron could be widened. Keyamo has promised to talk to the proprietors of nearby private hangars about a possible relocation. The move, he said, was done so that the new facility could eventually accommodate even larger aircraft.


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