FG pledges to combat unlawful mining and to educate 30 master jewelers.

On Thursday, the federal government vowed to put an end to illicit mining and to provide 30 apprentice master jewellers the tools they need to make a positive impact on the economy.

In Abuja, at the third batch of jewellery-making trainees’ graduation and distribution of starting packets, Nigeria’s Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Mr. Dele Alake, made the following remarks.

The ministry coordinated the event alongside the World Bank’s Mindiver Project.
He claims that the Federal Government, through the Ministry, is reiterating its resolve to eradicate unlawful mining with the help of law enforcement.

The political resolve and toughness of President Bola Tinubu’s government will put an end to illicit mining, which has corroded and robbed the country of enormous revenue.

“The ministry will collaborate with other relevant agencies to combat this menace, and business as usual will no longer be an option, regardless of who is responsible for this economic crime.”

According to Alake, the economic diversification initiative benefited greatly from the ministry’s effort to teach the 30 master jewellers.

He remarked that those who make jewels as a profession are masters at their craft.

He said that Nigeria could make a significant impact on the international jewels industry and that its citizens had no need to shop elsewhere for jewellery.

The mining industry is the country’s primary source of income. The Nigerian petroleum sector has moved into the next phase.

Due to the country’s massive population, Nigeria offers a lot of potential in the jewellery industry.

It is crucial to establish a domestic jewellery market capable of adequately satisfying consumer demand.

Adding that “the local jewellery industry will also increase import substitution, create jobs, and boost the export value of Nigeria’s gemstones and jewellery,” he said that this would all be possible thanks to the growth of the business in Nigeria.

The minister praised the graduates for their accomplishment.

He claims, “It is my belief that the jewellery industry, when fully harnessed, could contribute significantly to national economic growth by creating massive job opportunities.”

Dr. Mary Ogbe, the ministry’s permanent secretary, praised the minister for providing crucial assistance in bringing the empowerment initiative to fruition in his brief tenure.

Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, Director of the Ministry of Human Resource Management, represented Ogbe.

Mr. Sallim Salaam, the Project Coordinator (Mindiver), stated that the ministry has highlighted the value addition strategy and that jewelery manufacturing is one of the ways for executing the policy in the downstream sector.

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