Nigeria Navy will not tolerate any oil theft – CNS.

Vice Adm. Emmanuel Ogalla, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), has reaffirmed the Nigerian Navy’s commitment to combating the threat of oil theft and other marine crimes.

Vice Adm. Emmanuel Ogalla, Nigeria’s Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), reiterated the Navy’s resolve to combat oil theft and other marine crimes.
On Tuesday in Abuja, Ogalla underlined this during the CNS 2023 Retreat opening with Principal Staff Officers, Flag Officers Commanding, and Commanders.He stated that navy personnel and the service were obligated to change the perception in terms of safeguarding the maritime domain and combating oil theft in Nigeria.

He said navy personnel and the service must reverse the impression of securing the maritime domain and stopping oil theft in Nigeria.
I want to make it obvious that oil theft is not tolerated under my watch. Any officer, rating, or anyone implicated in oil theft will face full legal consequences.Nobody will frighten us. I expect you to teach your police and ratings about oil theft.

He remarked, “The government looks up to us to lead the fires, and we have no choice.”He added the navy must engage with sister services, the armed forces, the police, and other military and security organisations to stop all attempts.

Nigerians demand the navy to be above reproach, above board, and law-abiding to admire and rely on it.The CNS claimed the session allowed attendees to discuss navy issues.

He stated this was to address security issues that were threatening the country’s security and growth.He said President Bola Tinubu had ordered them to decisively address all security issues.

He stated that the event followed the president’s directive and vision.His objective is “to have a highly motivated professional naval force capable of shaping security outcomes within Nigeria’s maritime domain and littorals, including land-based engagements in fulfilment of Nigeria’s national interest”.

He said his mission is “to maintain and equip a professional, competent, and ethical naval force while leveraging on all elements of national power for the effective defence of Nigeria’s maritime area of interest against all forms of threat in fulfilment of national security imperatives”.


“My command philosophy is to lead with honesty, courage, and constant pursuit of excellence in line with the Nigerian Navy’s basic values.

My goal is to create a safe and secure maritime environment in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea to promote wealth creation, economic prosperity, national security, growth, and development.I also published the Chief of the Naval Staff’s Strategic Directive 2023–6, which outlines the 9 Lines of Development (LoDs) of the Nigerian Navy Strategic Plan (NNSP) 2021–2030’s projected outputs.

“We must all immediately embrace the vision to take the NN to new heights,” he stated.Ogalla said the navy has made tremendous progress in operations, fleet recapitalization, infrastructure, and human resource management in recent years as part of a comprehensive transformation plan to fulfil its constitutional mandate.

He claimed the navy had innovated due to changing maritime threats.According to the CNS, his navy is aiming to reestablish its intellectual, moral, and physical fighting power.My major priority is to diligently implement the NNSP 2021–2030.

While no effort will be spared in accomplishing these goals, command responsibility is to sustain and maintain all facilities, equipment, and platforms.”To set a clear direction and build momentum, we identified some quick-impact projects and conceptual initiatives that would be completed and commissioned within my first 100 days in office,”.

He advised commanders to maintain discipline, create high standards of conduct, and implement the regulations fairly and consistently.He also ordered them to improve civil-military collaboration and connections with citizens in their areas of operation, saying the people should consider them as partners to support and cooperate with them.

Ogalla denied that naval personnel were involved in oil theft and promised to punish anybody found guilty.He also advised commanders to prioritise subordinate wellbeing for mission success.

He promised job happiness, self-actualization, and recognition for hard effort.He said that staff accommodation, uniforms, and the appointment/draft cycle were being addressed.Rear Adm. Joseph Akpan, Navy Chief of Policy and Plans, said the retreat will allow them to examine the threat environment and their activities to identify gaps for better performance.

Akpan hoped the talks would be insightful, imaginative, and provocative to debate what is working and what is not.He complimented the CNS for his visionary leadership and promised him that the officers will uphold the highest ethical standards.

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