NLC Calls Off Subsidy Removal Warning Strike, Claims Major Progress Made.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) called off its two-day warning strike on Wednesday, urging its members across the country to return to work.

In a statement, NLC President Joe Ajaero praised Nigerian workers for participating in the strike, saying it was a big step forward.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Labour went on a two-day nationwide strike against the Federal Government’s failure to execute agreements on the withdrawal of petrol subsidies.

The Labour Party’s decision paralysed economic and commercial activity in several Federation states.

“We are pleased to report that, as a result of your unwavering commitment, we have made significant progress towards achieving the goals set during our National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, which prompted the initiation of this warning strike,” Ajaero added.

“It is abundantly clear that our united message has resounded loudly with the government, and only a truly deaf ear would fail to hear it.”

“As the two-day nationwide warning strike comes to an end today at midnight, we humbly request that you all end the strike gracefully and return to work tomorrow, in accordance with our initial agreement.”


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