Fintiri mourns victims of Nujwa boat accident.

Rt. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, governor of Adamawa state, mourned the loss of 23 lives in a boating accident in Nujwa.

In addition, he ordered the appropriate departments to inspect all river-going vessels for compliance with safety regulations.

This is contained in a statement headed “Governor Fintiri expresses grief over the Njuwa boat accident” and signed by the governor’s top press secretary, Humwashi Wonosoiku.

The FINDER claims that a boat carrying 23 persons crashed in the Njuwa district of the state due to increasing floods; emergency bodies have confirmed that over twenty individuals have died.

Wonosoiku reports that although additional information is being gathered, the governor has ordered all other rescue and relief agencies to head to the scene of the disaster immediately.

To ensure that such accidents do not happen again, he also ordered the appropriate government organisations to review the safety procedures already in place on these transportation boats.

A statement from the governor’s office reads, “Governor Fintiri expressed his sadness over the boat accident and gave the go-ahead to make every effort to locate all of the passengers.”

Therefore, the governor prayed for the victims’ souls to rest in peace, for everyone’s safety, and for the comfort of the victims’ loved ones.

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