Tinubu Understands Your Anxiety, Renewed Hope Isn’t Just Talk, Wike Assures Nigerians

Nyesom Wike has promised Nigerians that President Bola Tinubu will keep his campaign pledges, saying that the Nigerian leader understands their anguish.

On Monday, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) declared this at the start of road reconstruction work in Abuja’s Garki neighbourhood.

“The minister of state for the FCT and I are here to assure you that his Tinubu’s] agenda of renewed hope works and to let you know that the FCT is operational.” Mr. President’s plan includes both talking and acting. “That is why we have come to begin by closing a number of roads in this area,” Wike told the crowd.

“This is only the first stage.” We will enter phase two in the next weeks. This is a discussion on road infrastructure. Mr. President has made a number of commitments. We’re taking them one at a time.

“I have told you here that if anything wasn’t going to work, I would not be a party, but because I know Mr. President means well for this country and wants the best for the country, that’s why I said I would serve in his cabinet because he has shown Nigerians that he feels their pains,” the former Rivers State governor added.

Wike, who bemoaned the state of Nigeria’s capital city’s infrastructure and others, assured Abuja residents of his administration’s intention to providing the FCT a better deal.

The FCT of the past is not the same as the FCT of today. “We would change everything,” he declared, urging locals to support the administration and be patient as road construction begins.

However, he has a warning for the contractors in charge of the projects. “There’s nothing like variety.” It’s not going to work. A job of N1 would become N15 in the next seven days. It’s not going to work. “Don’t even try,” he insisted.
“There isn’t any variety in this job.” We have the funds to compensate you. Go to engineering services and do whatever you want with them. It’s not going to work.

“We’re paying you your money, and I assure you that no one owes you anything.” We will pay you, and you must do your work within the time frame we have agreed upon.”

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