“Don’t be used to settle political witch-hunts,” group urges Ondo lawmakers.

On Tuesday, the non-profit Ondo State Conscience Movement (OCM) told the Ondo State House of Assembly not to let political witch hunts or personal grudges taint its work.

The charge came right after the house’s plan to remove Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa as deputy governor of the state.

In a statement released in Akure, Mr. Shalom Olaseni, Chairman of the OCM, said that everything that is done during the removal process must be in complete accordance with the constitution.

The Ondo State House of Assembly used alternative service on Monday to give Aiyedatiwa notice that he was being impeached.

As Olaseni put it, the group speaks for worried citizens and is truly dedicated to upholding democracy and the rule of law in Ondo State and beyond.

He said that the group thought it was fair and necessary to give its opinion on the recent political chaos and disaster in the state for historical and legal reasons.

We are adamant that the reasons for Aiyedatiwa’s removal must be indisputable on their own.

“Also, the process of impeachment must be firmly based on clear examples of actions that go beyond what is allowed by the Constitution and are therefore grounds for impeachment.”

“We strongly believe that the legislature should not become involved in political witch hunts or personal grudges against specific individuals, as has been said in different parts of the state.”

“We believe that lawmakers’ powers should not be used carelessly and without regard for their duty to represent the people of Ondo State. Instead, they should be used with full awareness of their role.”

“We implore the Assembly to think that the speed, focus, and determination with which the impeachment agenda is being pursued could have been better used to deal with real problems in governance,” Olaseni said.

He also said that the movement was still dedicated to making sure that Ondo State had justice, openness, and the rule of law.

“We urge everyone, inside and outside of Ondo State, to join this good cause to protect democracy and make sure that Ondo State thrives as a model of good government,” he said.

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