NESG to improve the economy by decreasing brain drain and unemployment.

Strategic efforts are being made, according to the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), to galvanise steps that will address excessive unemployment and reduce brain drain in the economy.

This was announced on Thursday in Abuja by Ms. Amina Maina, Chairperson, Central Organising Committee for the NESG 29th Summit (NES 29).

Maina said that a sub-theme of the upcoming NES 29 would look at how Nigeria lost talented people to other countries, depleting its human resource.
High young unemployment, which has impeded the use of human capital and contributed to economic underperformance, will also be highlighted.

You’ll hear that Nigeria is home to some of the world’s finest educators, doctors, bankers, and builders no matter where you go.

The nation’s brightest minds need to be encouraged to remain here but protected.

A key goal of NES 29 is to solicit “bold ideas” from the private sector as a means of “turning things around,” she explained.

The chairperson continued by saying that the summit would provide different groups a chance to discuss how to lower the youth unemployment rate and give young people hope for the future.

We hope to return Nigeria to its rightful course by investing in its most valuable resource—its people.

“We should be able to take our place amongst the comity of nations because we do have the best and brightest and with the right system, we can retain them back home,” she said.

She explained that the purpose of the NES 29 summit, titled “Pathways for Sustainable Economic Transformation and Inclusion,” was to discuss ways to ensure that rising incomes actually benefit all populations.

She stated, “This year’s summit theme hints at Nigeria’s potential for sustainable development, leveraging innovative policies, robust institutions, strategic infrastructural investments, and human capital development.” (

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