Opinion:Ishaku Abbo’s zealous claim to topple Fintiri before August has likened him to Almighty which he is not

certain bold people close to Ishaku Abbo, as well as certain clergy in Yola, warned him early on that his rash speech could be disastrous for his political future. When it comes to politics, the manner in which a public figure talks and the content of their remarks can have a significant impact on how the public perceives them.


When a politician makes an unguarded or inappropriate comment, this is an evidence of poor judgement, lack of professionalism, or even unpleasant behaviour. These kinds of remarks have been damaging to Ishaku Abbo’s political career.

Gaining the trust and support of citizens is critical to political success. If Abbo’s unguarded remarks contradict basic principles and standards, they may turn off voters and constituents. His zealous claim to depose Fintiri before August has likened him to Almighty, who do and undo in the political arena, and such actions often lead to a loss of public trust, resulting in a reduction in popularity and trustworthiness.


The media also has a large influence on how the general public thinks and feels about problems. It’s odd that the court of appeals, in its decision, asked Abbo why Fintiri hadn’t been removed by August, yet it was Abbo who was removed. During the election campaign, Abbo’s candid remarks garnered great attention.


His irresponsible statements have elicited a negative response from the public and the media. Even in the middle of his current trials, his arrogance impedes his ability to attract support and undermines his political status. He didn’t realise this until yesterday, when he gave a press conference and accused Akpabio of being the arrowhead of his expulsion from power.


Political careers are built on the pillars of perception, trust, and honesty. Politicians’ unguarded remarks can jeopardise these underpinnings. It only takes one blunder to erase years of hard work and effort.


In order to recover from yesterday’s debacle, Abbo must engage in damage control by apologising, clarifying statements, or taking corrective action. The efficacy of such efforts, however, is dependent on a variety of factors, including the gravity of the remark, public opinion, and the sincerity of the politician’s reply.


The level of public outcry, as well as Ishaku Abbo’s ability to rebuild trust and credibility with voters, will determine the long-term ramifications of his reckless speech on his political future.

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