Palestine demands an impartial commission of inquiry into Gaza attack.

Abu Shawesh, the Palestinian Ambassador in Nigeria, has called on the United Nations and the African Union to establish an independent commission of investigation after Tuesday’s attack on a Gaza hospital.

The envoy made the call while speaking to journalists about the attack in Abuja on Wednesday.

He claimed that Israeli Air Force jets allegedly struck the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, killing largely women and children.

Shawesh stated that the hospital, which was adjacent to the Baptist Church, had acted as a safe haven for families who had been displaced by the ongoing violence.

He further claimed that pleas from Israeli officials to evacuate the hospital were met with opposition by hospital staff, who claimed that doing so would equate to the slow death of sick and injured individuals receiving medical care.

According to him, “before the end of Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. (Jerusalem time), Israeli occupation war planes hit the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.”

“The relocated families assumed that, in line with international law, this hospital was fully immune to military attacks.”

“The Palestinian death toll in this slaughter has so far reached almost 900 individuals, the bulk of whom are women and children, with hundreds more injured.”

“Since Oct. 7, the Palestinian dead toll has risen to almost 3000, with two to three being children and women, and over a thousand still missing beneath the debris.”

“I advocate for the establishment of a humanitarian court by an independent entity other than the West, such as the United Nations and the African Union.”

“Many Western media outlets are waging a dirty war against the Palestinian people by broadcasting and disseminating dozens of misleading and fake news stories,” he continued.

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