Wike rejects Nigeria Customs request to reclaim revoked land in FCT.

Wike rejects a plea by Nigeria Customs to retrieve revoked land in the FCT.

Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has turned down the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) plea for reconsideration of its revoked land by the FCT Administration (FCTA).

The minister announced the refusal when customs officers led by the acting Comptroller-General, Adewale Adeniyi, paid him a visit in Abuja on Thursday, saying any reconsideration would result in a massive fine.

The FCTA cancelled the plots of NCS and other agencies, groups, and individuals for failing to develop their holdings.

Adeniyi requested property to construct elementary and secondary schools for the children of the FCT’s more than 2,000 customs officers.

“I read your letter about the revoked land; it was terrible; terrible; terrible, but what can I do?” He inquired.

He stated that FCTA will help the agency achieve its goals, but he regretted how government organisations were given land in the FCT yet refused to develop it.

Concerning the land for school development, the minister informed the customs chief that it would be considered, but only if the agency pledged to develop the land within a particular time frame.

The minister threatened to revoke the land if they did not comply.

“Schools are really important. The children of customs officers will not be the only ones attending the schools.

“My current stance is that before we transfer land to any agency, it must commit to developing the land within a specific number of years, and if it is not developed, the FCT should take the land back.”

“I will not give your kingdom territory that will lie to it.” So you must persuade me that you are truly committed to creating schools for the children of your staff and our children’, he said.

Another need, according to the ministry, is that the service pay ground rent on time.

“You can be confident that I will approve the school’s land.” “You bring the application; I will sign it and give it to the director of lands so that you can use the land,” Wike explained.

Earlier, the customs chief stated that the purpose of the visit was to congratulate Wike on his appointment as FCT Minister and the wonderful work he has done thus far.

He described the customs agency as an important partner in the FCT, with over 2,000 personnel residing in the city and contributing to its growth.

He did, however, state that not all of the officers’ children could attend public schools, emphasising the need of providing great education to their children.

As a result, he requested property to construct elementary and secondary schools for the officers’ children.

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