Tinubu will create an environment for genuine investment-Akume.

President Bola Tinubu has informed real firms wishing to invest in Nigeria that his administration is dedicated to establishing an environment conducive to genuine economic growth.

Sen. George Akume, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, addressed Tinubu on Tinubu’s behalf at the opening ceremony of the Africa Natural Resources and Energy Summit (AFNIS) in Abuja.

He warned that the government would no longer tolerate criminal exploits and their criminal accomplices.

He claims that the government will do everything necessary to reduce investment risks by resisting the desire to interfere with the lawful commercial activities of duly authorised miners.

“Dear investors, we are dedicated to provide favourable conditions for true entrepreneurs.”

“We welcome you and will do everything in our power to help law-abiding enterprises operate in our country.”

“However, we will no longer allow illegal enterprises and their local collaborators that use our socioeconomic environment to undermine our nation under the pretext of bringing business.”

“Those who are apprehended will suffer the full wrath of our laws,” he warned.

According to the president, the AFNIS event was also an occasion to discuss fresh ideas and demonstrate new technologies.

“Our country has no plans to “reinvent the wheel.”

“We intend to utilise technological advancements so that our solid minerals can catch up with the rest of the world,” he said.

He urged geologists and other specialists in the sector to put their heads together and build Nigeria as an intellectual, professional, and industrial hub in Africa for solid resource exploitation, manufacture, and export.

In his remarks, Mr. Dele Alake, Minister of Solid Minerals Development, stated that Nigeria has experienced the transformative potential of the solid minerals sector.

Alake reaffirmed the government’s commitment to successfully utilising resources for the benefit of all Nigerians.

“In Nigeria, we have seen the transformative potential of our solid minerals sector, as well as the huge prospects it offers.”

“We are committed to utilising these resources in an effective, efficient, and long-term manner to achieve economic growth and prosperity for our population.”

“Our efforts in this regard have already generated great results,” Alake added, “with increased exploration, investment, and responsible mining practises taking the stage.”

According to him, the global energy sector is likewise undergoing significant change.

He stated that the urgency of tackling climate change was driving us to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, as well as driving our industrial activities to reduce carbon footprints.

“We must embrace this shift, taking advantage of the opportunity it provides for innovation, job development, and a healthier planet.”

“With its huge energy potential, Nigeria is set to play a critical part in this journey.”

“We must work together to diversify our energy sources, encourage renewable energy, and put energy efficiency measures in place,” he stated.

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