Digital citizenship: UN urges youths to be agents of change.

The United Nations has issued a call to action to young people to “be the change” in regard to digital citizenship.

Amina Mohammed, the United Nations’ Deputy Secretary-General, has encouraged young people to be active agents of change and responsible digital citizens.

Mohammed made this statement in a video message she sent to the NigMUNS club in Abuja.

She spoke during the 2023 Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN) with the theme “Promoting responsible digital citizenship among young people”.

She thinks the digital age holds great promise for technology and that digital technologies have the capacity to radically alter human life.

She noted that while digital technology offers many benefits to society, it also has some negative aspects.

Instantaneous communication with potential viewers allows for the spread of hate speech and falsehoods.

As citizens of your community, you should exercise caution when sharing information online by checking its veracity and attribution. We can fight back against hate speech and false information if we keep our eyes open.

You have more resources and opportunities at your disposal than ever before. You now have a better grasp of the achievable. Here at the United Nations, we think everyone can have a promising tomorrow.

“Today, I appeal to you as leaders and change agents on behalf of the United Nations and the people of the world.

And let no one be left behind as we work to create a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and resilient, she said.

Mr. Chika Nwaozuzu, Chairman of NigMUNS’ Governing Council, echoed this need for supervision of adolescent Internet users.

And I’m delighted that everyone, at the highest level of the United Nations, encourages responsible digital citizenship,” he remarked.

Mr. Thomas Ageh, a member of the staff of Regent School in Abuja, praised the event’s organisers and advocated for a similar forum for young people.

The students have done a great job representing the next generation on this stage,” he remarked.

To the parents, the community, and the Nigerian educational system, I give my highest recommendation.

Meanwhile, Sofia Nwafor, who will serve as President of the General Assembly at the NISSMUN 2023 Conference, has stated that the purpose of the event is to bring people together, share ideas, and work towards a better future.

“The conference this year has been full of new ideas and inspiring conversations. We were able to train our collective brains to think of ways out and practise solving problems as a group.

“I want the youth to understand that being a citizen of the digital world comes with immense power, but with great power comes great responsibility.

To protect yourself and the people around you, you must accept accountability for your behaviour.

The director of NISSMUN, Eniola Oguyinka, shared the view that the damaging effects of verbal abuse and hate speeches were being felt in our community.

Using the internet, he said, society can make Nigeria a better place, so young people should share love and kindness.

Ameera Sallam, Deputy Secretary-General of NISSMUN 2023, agreed, saying that the conference gave young people a chance to network with those who shared their values.

She praised the event’s organisers for the chance and encouraged the young people to make the most of their new knowledge and skills in order to become better digital citizens.

Mr. Oche King, NISSMUN’s Co-Secretary-General, emphasised the need for young people to learn to effectively balance their time spent online.

He urged young people to “be very aware of what we say on social media” because “what we say on social media may make or break other people” and “can be a decisive factor in other people’s lives.”

NISSMUN 2023 General Assembly Director, Mr. Olisa Egwuatu added, “In this 21st century, practically everybody has access to the Internet.

It is up to us to determine the future of the internet. We need to utilise the internet constructively in order to communicate, learn, and grow.

Kenneth Nnamani, the 20th NISSMUN 2024 president-elect, has expressed his delight at being chosen for the position.

He expressed his gratitude by saying, “I am really honoured to have this position, and I pledge to guarantee all the activities for next year run very well.”

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