NIGCOMSAT introduces ‘EdTech Solutions’ for education.

Mrs. Nkechi Egerton-Idehen, Managing Director of Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Limited, has introduced cutting-edge educational technology (EdTech) solutions with broadband connectivity to transform education in the country.

The statement was made at a stakeholders meeting in Abuja, where Egerton-Idehen addressed the critical need for accessible internet connectivity, which is impeding successful technology integration in education.

Egerton-Idehen underlined the constraints created by limited internet access when discussing the issues faced by schools and the government in advancing technology in education.

Many ICT laboratories, she claims, are underutilised despite being equipped with computers due to a lack of inexpensive internet connectivity.

She stated that the number of EdTech businesses providing technology-backed learning solutions in Nigeria, as well as the rest of the world, has increased in recent years.

“While schools and governments work to enhance the integration of technology into education by providing computers in some ICT laboratories, a second-class problem precludes the usage of majority of these devices in classrooms.”

“Among other obstacles, a lack of affordable internet connectivity has shown to be a significant impediment to the efficient use of technology for teaching and learning.”

“Many laboratories are locked, and others are used for basic computer literacy rather than investigating additional learning options,” Egerton-Idehen explained.

She believes the resources can help schools by enhancing classroom engagement and motivation and promoting critical thinking and problem solving.

It could also be used to measure students’ performance and learning outcomes, as well as to facilitate the administration, recording, and delivery of educational content, according to the director-general.

She stated that the product focuses on three main areas: numeracy and literacy in primary schools, digital libraries in secondary schools, content production for teachers, and a learning management system.

The director-general also introduced their ‘customer experience and support solution’ for current and prospective customers, which includes an Al-powered chatbot and a call centre solution.

“In an age where customer service is critical, our call centre solution is poised to alter the way we communicate with and support our customers.”

“Our goal is to improve customer interactions, streamline support services, and, ultimately, elevate the customer experience,” she explained.

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and the Digital Economy, Mr. Bosun Tijani, who was in attendance with Communications and Media Advisor Mr. Osibo Imohoitsike, declared that NIGCOMSAT was available for collaborations and business.

The stakeholder gathering, he added, is a critical component of what the world requires, with a focus on information, policies, infrastructure, innovation, entrepreneurship, and training.

Mr. Najeem Salaam, NIGCOMSAT’s Executive Director of Marketing and Business Development, stated that the firm was on a new mission with its increased internet and broadcasting capacity platform for Nigerians to use.

“NIGCOMSAT is so open to a larger business possibility for all of you to hold.”

“The Nigeria of our dreams is attainable, and we have already begun working on it.” “NIGGOMSAT is ours as Nigerians, and we must cultivate it and make the best of it,” he stated.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, a former Minister of Agriculture, has asked for another satellite to handle various security issues in the country.

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