Kaduna Bombing: AI can help prevent accidental explosions-United States official

Acording to Mr. Paul Dean, an official from the U.S. Department of State, the use of AI will assist militaries throughout the world in reducing the occurrence of inadvertent bombings while operations are underway.


This was stated by Dean, who is the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Arms Control, Deterrence and Stability, at a Roundtable with a few media in Abuja on Thursday.


Additionally, he claimed that AI would benefit soldiers in meeting their duties under international humanitarian law, increasing efficiency, reducing bias, and making better decisions in general.


The ‘Political Declaration on the Responsible Use of AI and Autonomy in Military Applications’ has been endorsed by the Bureau and 47 other partners, according to Dean.


He called on their Nigerian partners to sign on to the declaration as well, and to work with them to improve and expand international capacity to put it into action, as well as to encourage responsible behaviour when using AI.


In my opinion, we are currently in a unique position to collaborate with all of our allies and establish a global framework for military AI accountability.


I have heard that Nigeria is committed to responsible behaviour and stability, and I think it makes them an invaluable and useful partner. They are also a natural leader in this field.


“Whose viewpoint would significantly enrich the conversation about how the world community can guarantee the secure, consistent, and dependable integration of AI in the armed forces.”


He claims that the United States government is trying to promote the constructive use of AI in military operations because of the immense value it will bring to world stability.


While we’re at it, let’s make sure the world has come together on some responsible behaviour standards to lessen the likelihood of bad outcomes or unexpected effects.


“We are convinced that the international community can maximise the advantages while reducing the risks of an irresponsible approach when states commit to using this technology in a predictable, transparent, stable, and responsible way,” he added.


Dean stated that the Bureau’s current initiatives include fostering stability, establishing standards of acceptable conduct in the military sphere, and discouraging confrontations.


He said that they hoped to forge a normative framework for responsible use, work together on military AI projects, and fortify their cooperation with regard to challenging security issues.


Our shared goals include ending the use of chemical weapons, achieving nuclear stability, making responsible use of space, and addressing regional security concerns through risk reduction measures.


Our conversations yesterday have solidified my belief that we are well-suited to collaborate on a positive and fruitful basis because we share many values and goals.


“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the A-Team to Abuja for these consultations and to further solidify our partnership in the field of international stability,” he added.


When asked about Nigeria’s role in a recent effort to cease harmful anti-satellite testing, Dean said that the country has been an invaluable ally in the global community’s space security efforts.


He praised it as a major improvement in the fight against junk creation in space, an issue that has had devastating effects for civilian and military satellites alike.


Dean stated that the United States would maintain its support for Nigeria’s initiatives to curb the spread of small guns, which pose a threat and danger, in relation to illicit arms proliferation.

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