Dangote Refinery Acquires 1,000,000 Barrels of Crude Oil to Start Operations

Refinery operator Dangote Oil Refining Company has announced that Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (STASCO) has delivered one million barrels of Agbami crude grade to its facility.

The STASCO vessel was reportedly emptied into the crude oil tanks of the refinery after sailing to the SPM, according to a company statement released on Friday.

This came after Thursday’s reports that the crude feedstock was en route to the refinery.

The plant’s chairman, Aliko Dangote, had previously stated that 350,000 bpd of oil will be used to begin production.

The company has stated that the first 350,000 bpd of processing at the plant should be supported by the first one million barrels, which is the first phase of the six million barrels that will be supplied to the refinery by various suppliers.

According to the refinery, the following four shipments will be delivered in two or three weeks from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited.

In the following two to three weeks, the NNPC will supply the next four cargoes, and ExxonMobil will supply the last of the six, according to the statement.

The refinery’s first run, diesel, aviation fuel, and LPG output will all be boosted by this supply, which will also pave the way for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) manufacturing.

“This most recent change will be a game-changer in helping Nigeria and the other West African countries with their fuel supply problems.”

The 650,000 bpd refinery can process a variety of crude oils, but its primary purpose is to treat Nigerian crude, says the refining company.

According to the corporation, the refinery is capable of processing a wide range of crude oils, including those from Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.

Dangote Petroleum Refinery has the capacity to fulfil all of Nigeria’s refined product needs, including petrol, diesel, kerosene and aviation jet, and even has extra of each product to send outside, according to the statement.

Built 25 km offshore, the refinery has two storage and processing modules (SPMs) for crude oil and three for petroleum products. Furthermore, the refinery’s truck loading gantries can accommodate 2,900 trucks per day.

A self-sufficient maritime facility is located at Dangote Refinery, allowing it to accommodate the largest vessel in the world. Furthermore, the refinery guarantees that all of its products will meet Euro V standards.

“As far as the refinery’s design is concerned, it is to meet all applicable regulations, including those of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Europe, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), and the African Refiners and Distribution Association (ARDA).”

When asked about the new milestone, Dangote noted that the refinery’s full capacity ramp up will be the company’s emphasis for the next few months.

“When we ship the initial shipment of goods to the Nigerian market, that will be the next major achievement,” he continued.

Speaking for himself, Osagie Okunbor, the country chairman of Shell Companies in Nigeria, expressed his firm’s joy at “allowing” the refinery to go operational.

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