DHQ Claims Terrorists Embedded With Civilians Were ‘Careless’ In Kaduna Bombing- Gov. Sani

Uba Sani, Governor of Kaduna State, has questioned the Defence Headquarters’ (DHQ) assertions, attributing the Tudun Birni air strike to terrorists embedding themselves among people.

The event, which occurred on Sunday, killed over 120 people and injured several more in the Igabi Local Government Area.

However, the Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba, revealed on Tuesday that the air raid was carried out due to terrorists embedding themselves with people in the area.

Governor Sani called the comments “careless” on Friday, adding that such statements must be validated before making such choices.

“What happened at Tundi Buri was unfortunate.” However, the fact that the chief of staff accepted responsibility is what has kept the neighbourhood peaceful.

“However, claiming that terrorists are present in the society requires verification.” When I heard it yesterday, I thought it was a really thoughtless comment.

“If you go to the hospital and see what’s going on, you’d reject statements like these.”

Governor Sani’s remarks follow Vice President Kashim Shettima’s condolence visit to the devastated town on Thursday, during which he stated that an investigation will be launched to prevent a repeat.

“It has already been directed by Mr. President; an investigation is underway to prevent a repeat of the tragedy, and we expect a report to be given as soon as possible,” Shettima added.

He also promised that the federal government will assist the victims of the disaster.

Despite his position on the Defence Headquarters announcement, Governor Sani reiterated his support for the military in its fight against insurgency and banditry in the country.

“Because we are not talking about it,” Governor Sani added, “but as I previously stated, we would continue to help the army and the military in general, as well as other security agencies, in the battle against terrorism and insurgency in Kaduna State.”

He then requested that the statement be rescinded by the Chief of Army Staff, General Lagbaja.

“I believe the initial statement by General Lagbaja, Chief of Army Staff, is the one I have taken seriously.”

“Because of the second statement, the PRO of the general army, I’m attempting to contact the Chief of Army Staff to persuade him that they must withdraw that statement.”

The governor emphasised the importance of empathy in dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophe, appealing for justice and cautioning against making excuses before the investigation is completed.

“These are the statements that are responsible and demonstrate a great deal of empathy.” It’s time to show empathy, not make excuses, since we’re trying to calm down the families and make them understand that the government will fight for justice,” he said.

“However, I believe it is unnecessary to make excuses before the investigation is completed.”

Governor Sani also announced that the reconstruction of the Tudun Biri in the Igabi Local Government Area will begin within the next three weeks, guaranteeing Vice President Shettima’s commitment to seeing it through.

“As a result of this incident, we are launching a programme.” As a result, the entire town will be rebuilt.”

“Mr. Vice President, I phoned him yesterday, even this morning, and he guaranteed me that the neighbourhood will be rebuilt in three to four weeks at most,” he stated.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire structure begins in the next two weeks.”

“Today, they accepted responsibility, and it’s a step forward.” We will have to expedite the probe and ensure that those responsible are dealt with promptly now that we have accepted responsibility.”

“For me, it’s critical, and it will help to calm and satisfy the community.”

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