Supreme Court To Deliver Judgement On Nnamdi Kanu Tomorrow

The day after the attorneys for the federal government and the incarcerated IPOB leader had adopted their final argument papers was set in October by a five-member panel presided over by Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun.


Mike Ozehkome appealed to the supreme court panel while Kanu Agabi led the legal team representing the IPOB leader.


In his motion, Ozehkome asked the court to release his client from jail immediately and to punish the federal government severely with hefty fees.


But federal government attorney Tijani Gazzali pleaded with the supreme court to maintain the revised argument brief he submitted on May 3, 2023, in his opening statement.




He beseeched the court to grant FG’s appeal, vacate the Court of Appeal’s ruling that had released Kanu, and restore his terrorist trial to its rightful place in Abuja’s Federal High Court.


Additionally, Gazzali pleaded with the highest court to reject Kanu’s cross-appeal.


The Court of Appeal Abuja issued a ruling releasing Kanu from prison on October 13, 2022.


He was “illegally moved” from Kenya to Nigeria to face treason and terrorist allegations, and the court found that he was abducted and ill-treated.



Kanu, who is in his mid-50s, is still in detention despite the judges dismissing the criminal case; nevertheless, the prosecution from Nigeria has appealed.


Kanu, who is behind the illegal Radio Biafra station and was formerly an estate agent in London, was initially apprehended in 2015 but subsequently escaped bail and made a triumphant return to the UK and Israel in 2017.


The government of Nigeria has labelled IPOB a terrorist group and banned it from the country for its role in inciting ethnic tensions and the purported genocide of the Igbo people.

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