Taraba Governor Kefas Abgu presents the N311.3 billion 2024 Appropriation Bill to the State Assembly.

On Friday, Governor Kefas Agbu issued a budget request to the State House of Assembly, seeking approval for a spending plan that will spend more than N311.3 billion in 2024.

Under the banner of the “Budget of Moving Forward,” the 2024 fiscal year appropriation bill was unveiled at the Taraba State House of Assembly in Jalingo.

“Our theme-governing agenda, which has been with us since the start of the administration and which we have recently expanded to embody our renewed focus on social inclusion, gender equality, and youth development, has been closely guiding the budget for moving forward,” Kefas Abgu explained.

I am submitting a proposed budget for 2024 that expands upon prior budgets. Based on THEMES’+ Agenda, the 2024 appropriation bill aims to expand upon and consolidate the accomplishments made since 2023, as Kefas Agbu pointed out.

According to the governor, as of September 30, 2023, a preliminary count from the relevant ministries, departments, and agencies revealed that a total of ₦87,449,299,168.59 was received as revenue.

Of this total, the government spent ₦52,879,976,319.60 on ongoing operations and ₦46,759,094,901.44 on capital expenditures.

According to the spending profile, capital expenditures accounted for 12.3% of the total receipts, while recurring expenditures accounted for 13.9%. Consequently, the budget’s overall performance for the period under evaluation was 26.2%, falling short of the targeted 75%.

The overall budget amount for 2024 is N331.7 billion, according to the proposed budget. The budget’s sectoral distribution was highlighted by Kefas Agbu, who said: ” Health: 33,054,686,848.04; Education: 43,208,278,849.29

The following amounts are allocated: 24,804,232,253.17 for Works and Infrastructure Development; 18,853,852,081.45 for Agriculture and Food Security; and 20,128,684,804.87 for Engineering.

Ecological, 16,303,602,156.16; Safety, 8,915,439,460.59; Economic, Trade, and Industry, 8,469,828,869.80; Women’s and Children’s Development, 3,290,457,186.35; Sports and Physical Education, 2,641,288,762.50; Administration, 65,524,088,626.72; and Action to Reduce Poverty

1,397,442,552.96, 2,964,964,964.00 for waste management, 7,675,794,293.59 for water and aquatic affairs, 5,434,837,833.15 for transportation, and 13,719,547,287.67 for others.

But Kefas Agbu said, “Better times are coming,” therefore there is hope for the future. While the hardships we’ve experienced are only temporary, the rewards of the investments we’ve made will last a lifetime.

The residents of Taraba State are suffering under the weight of high inflation and the loss of subsidies, but we are collaborating closely with the federal government to increase relief efforts.

Transportation and food prices are of utmost concern to us, and in 2024 we will be actively participating in the federal government’s focused programmes to ensure food security.

Once again, you have elected a government that I implore you to work with in order to realise our shared vision of the Greater Taraba. There is hope for the future, and I assure you that we will keep our word and fulfil the pledges we made when we ran for office.

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