Now that the appeals court has upheld the governor’s victory in the 2023 elections, this issue ought to have an end. I have said that the appeal was bound to fail.

The current state of affairs suggests that those encouraging Aishatu Dahiru Binani to seek redress at the Supreme Court are well aware that doing so would be futile. They are solely concerned with the benefits they can reap from this fruitless endeavour, which should be obvious to her from common sense.

A chance to salvage face had presented itself to Binani before she went to the tribunal to challenge Fintiri’s triumph, but she blew it owing to poor counsel or, perhaps, her reckless ambition. Her already weak case took a turn for the worst during her ordeal with the Court of Appeals. If she is reliant on the opinions of her circling narcissists, her political career is doomed.

She may soon face the same fate as Dr. Umar Ardo, the chief complainant of Adamawa State, if she decides to join him at the Supreme Court. Her reputation, whatever little it was, has already taken a beating.

Whatever may have led to the tribunal’s ruling, the court has decided that the appeals court cannot stray too far from the reality that the people’s desires were to be respected.

There is no logic to the shouts that the fifth columnist in the APC is responsible for, and at worst, they indicate that the Adamawa APC is heading aimlessly towards disaster. The weak justification that it requires consideration of specific factors in order to arrive at such conclusion is, in reality, unfounded and serves solely to soothe shattered pride.

The resounding triumph of Fintiri over the wujja wujja advocates says it all. The extra election further validated the victory, solidifying it. They had intended to hijack the triumph by rigging, but their attempt was disastrous. A knockout can be defined as three knockdowns in a single round of boxing.

I don’t see why Binani can’t just quit taking terrible advise and concede defeat. The vultures surrounding her won’t let her be quiet, why? Why? Everyone knows. Her deeds are meaningless. Without interference, the government has carried out all facets of its duties admirably.

Carrying on with this pointless endeavour is tantamount to chasing the wind, an irrational and meaningless pursuit for Binani. You cannot legitimise illegality, I say boldly. This is Kushi’s Yola writing.

By George Kushi

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