We were unaware of the “characters” shown in the BBC documentary on Tb Joshua—Synagogue Church

In response to a BBC documentary about SCOAN’s late founder, Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as TB Joshua, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has issued a statement.

According to SCOAN, the church was unaware of the individuals included in the documentary that criticised TB Joshua, and the documentary’s claims were baseless.

The church wanted to correct public misunderstandings on the findings, according to a statement signed by Mr. Dare Adejumo, the head of public affairs for the church.

On Monday, a documentary on the late TB Joshua was broadcast by TheBBC. The video was very contentious and devastating, accusing Joshua of multiple crimes, including rape, against several members.

“Weird and odd events of crimes against the late founder of SCOAN” were revealed this week by the BBC World Services investigative section, code-named Africa Eye, according to SCOAN.

It said that journalism revolved around investigating stories and reporting them, but that going against the profession’s ethics and core beliefs was abnormal.

The church teaches that in order for the fourth estate—the press—to serve as a social watchdog, it must be impartial, balanced, and fair.

“BBC has become a tool for a hatchet job, like gangsters in the realm of journalism, with a damaging ulterior aim for personal advantages against a perceived opponent. It has violated its lofty standards by sliding into false narratives and propaganda.

If the BBC wants to know why it strayed so far from being a news organisation and started reporting on angry people instead of reporting the news accurately, then only the BBC can answer that question.

Our professional and public intelligence community is insulted, to put it mildly. Hundreds of BBC characters will never be able to erase the permanent marks left by TB Joshua’s legacy. the one that Joshua has

The anointing and grace that the Lord bestowed upon His servant have reportedly helped thousands of people, and they have witnessed miraculous signs of healing.

Benefitees are lined up and reacting furiously to this imperialist radio station; their dispersion and widespread nature are inarguable.

“A lot of them are in the United Kingdom, where the BBC is based, but the jaded investigative eyes of the network can’t see them; only the plainly manipulated narrators can!”

Even more people who have had their damaged homes healed by TB Joshua are speaking out against the BBC’s coverage of wrongdoing. As a result of having their fates changed, countless abandoned youngsters from all over the world—some brought by their parents and others scouted from brothels or drug joints—are furious over the derogatory stories.

“Broadcasting Corporation’s compromise and roadside journalism has clearly hurt the corporation.”

Instead of depending on manipulative and dissatisfied individuals, some of whom were never known in Scotland before, the BBC might have gained firsthand experience by visiting the church, even as tourists, according to the report.

Relics of homosexual and lesbian partners are among those that have been identified.

My research confirms what many have suspected: the BBC’s production values are foreign to Scotland.

Another obviously ludicrous aspect of the farce is the BBC’s categorical assertion that TB Joshua, a man of God, was complicit in all the abuse for more than twenty years.

In a law-abiding country, how is it possible? It reveals the station’s uncivilised attitude and strange view of Nigeria.

In all those years, where were all those daring interviewees? Did they abruptly awaken or return to reason when the man passed away? Respect for such con artists is reserved for the most naive among us.

As far as it’s concerned, the reporting of ostentatiously educated journalists is both dishonourable and offensive.

All along, it had been planned to slur the dog in order to get it hung.

The article continued by stating that, similar to the riverside tree, it was clear that the BBC’s supporters of the smear campaign against TB Joshua were envious of the church’s continuous growth.

“I am grateful that your findings cleared his sole wife of any misconduct that may have occurred during the many years of your biassed investigation.

You remained silent for decades as you painted illogical and frustrating scenarios, but did you really expect any wife to perceive them? Nowhere in the universe have I encountered or read of a woman like her.

“This is completely absurd, frustrating, difficult to understand, unbelievable, and just sinister and evil.”

Persecution of divine messengers or agents of God has been a historical phenomenon, and the church pleaded with God to pardon the sponsors as they denounced the report.

False witnesses opposed to the gospel were created by manipulating and cursing the church.

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