Kidnapping: FCTA begins profiling the worst-hit communities

The FCTA has started to profile the regions of the territory that have been kidnapped the most often.

The purpose of the exercise, according to Mr. Mukhtar Galadima, Director, Development Control, FCTA, who oversaw its execution in Abuja on Tuesday, was to determine what led to the kidnappings and provide recommendations for their prevention.

Kidnappers recently abducted some inhabitants of Sagwari Layout Estate in Dutse, Bwari Area Council; therefore, the exercise started there.

According to Galadima, the officials would use security guards to search for unapproved structures and other illicit activity in the neighbourhood.

Galadima, through his representative, Mr. Hassan Ogbole, the Deputy Director of Monitoring and Enforcement, accused local leaders and some of his own employees of being responsible for the area’s ill-planned development.

He noted that there were buildings close by that the FCTA development control department had not approved.

The director elaborated by saying that the department would suggest actions to reduce criminal activity after conducting an area profile.

The department’s periodic monitoring of changes includes the exercise, which is a fact-finding mission.

The ecologically vulnerable zone of the lower Usuma Dam, which is intended to be a secured side, has been the site of an increasing chain of illegal developments, as we have noticed.

The FCT Administration and the dam are in danger from the actions of illicit developers. They have persisted despite our efforts to implement enforcement on multiple occasions.

The government will not stand for this. As part of the physical planning process, we set aside some spaces for future use.

His next move, he explained, would be to submit his findings and suggestions to the relevant authorities so they might consider them.

The failures were facilitated by the unlawful actions of the locals, according to Dr. Peter Olumuji, Secretary of the Command and Control Centre of the Department of Security Services, FCTA.

The village chief’s callousness is on full display here.

The majority of the people we spoke to claimed that the village chief gave them the land without considering the potential danger it posed to residents or their possessions.

Some people were abducted at this mountain place that we visited. After reviewing the mountain site, we have determined that it does not comply with the planning template due to the development control position.

The purchase of land by village heads should likewise come to an end. In FCT, they lack the authority to sell property. They care just about making money, he added, and not about the people’s safety.

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