Hardship: Gov. Fintiri “Uncovers Plot to Mobilise Youths For ‘Violent Protests'”

Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has alleged that his government has discovered a plot to create violent rallies over “sundry socio-economic concerns” in order to discredit his administration.

Humwashi Wonosoiku, governor Fintiri’s chief press secretary, stated that student leaders, youngsters, ethnic-based groupings, other resentful groups are being mobilised for the protests.

Meanwhile, they made it plain that they are closely monitoring the “ring leaders of the conspiracy” they have identified.

On Monday, Humwashi Wonosoiku, the governor’s spokesman, stated that intelligence findings have implicated politicians in the violent protest.

To avoid “plunging the state into anarchy,” Humwashi stated, the “masterminds” would be apprehended.

The governor urged parents and heads of tertiary institutions to prevent their children from disrupting public order.

“Furthermore, it is expected that parents and guardians will warn their children and wards, respectively, against engaging in illegal activities or behaviours that undermine law and order,” Humwashi stated.

They also warned anyone planning to damage state security to turn around. Unsavoury characters are utilising difficulties to sow division and inflict mayhem, the statement said.

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