FG reveals 32 routes for smuggling food out of Nigeria.

Smuggling food out of Nigeria has been detected through 32 different ways, according to the federal government.

While speaking at a symposium on public wealth management in Abuja, the capital of the nation, Vice President Kashim Shettima said this on Tuesday.

He stated that forty-five grain-laden vehicles were seized around midnight on Sunday en route to neighbouring nations.

A mere three nights ago, 45 grain trucks were apprehended on their way to neighbouring nations, according to the Vice President. The Ilela axis alone is home to thirty-two illicit trade channels. As soon as those food goods were seized, the price of maize dropped by N10,000. From sixty thousand to fifty thousand, it dropped.

“There are forces that are determined to undermine our nation, but now is the moment for us to unite,” he declared.

The people of Nigeria will not have to endure this suffering indefinitely, according to Shettima, who admitted that the country is going through difficult times.

However, he denounced a scenario in which some individuals fan the flames of discord and bloodshed as a result of the present state of affairs.

“This nation must be made to function. Politics must not be our focus. The moment of governance has arrived. Regrettably, there are some of our fellow citizens who remain politically active. The violent group is pushing for Nigeria to follow Lebanon’s example. However, none of us here can compare to Nigeria. It will pass; Nigeria will be fine.

The military is determined to bring chaos to this nation. He harshly criticised those who were “so desperate” because they were unable to gain power by voting instead of waiting until 2027.

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