Open letter to Senator Iya Abbas: If you want to succeed Governor Fintiri, you need to act like him.

When a leader is elected to public office, he is granted the people’s trust and mandate to provide excellent representation and effectively bring what is properly theirs. Prior to 2014, Governor Fintiri served as speaker of the state legislature, but he was not as popular as now. He used only three months to win the hearts of the people by uniting them through their differences. Despite not being permitted to run in 2014, Fintiri has already cemented his place in the hearts of the people.

Prior to his appointment as acting governor, the Nyako leadership style dominated the population. As the kabilas felt they had been duped out of governance and appointments, Fintiri’s appointment as acting governor was a sigh of relief that was greeted with widespread jubilation. As wise as Fintiri is, he immediately corrected Nyako’s mistakes, which manifested in appointing those who were not of the same ethnicity or religious belief as him.

When Fintiri ran for governor in Adamawa in 2019, the ATM accounts provided by civil servants were not the only item that helped him become the first person to defeat a sitting governor in the state, thanks to his diverse grasp of the people’s various origins.

Again, in 2023, the Kabilas backed the governor heavily, not because they considered him as one of their own, but because they viewed him as someone who took them along in his appointment, which is why people wanted to die for him during the civilian coup in Adamawa.

Fintiri is a lion, without a doubt, but any antelope that wants to ride on the lion’s back in 2027 must mimic and exhibit the lion’s method, as the lion’s high pace may cause the antelope to lose grip and fall off the lion’s back.

When hiring assistants for his office, Senator Abbas must carefully assess a number of qualities, characteristics, attributes, and diversity to ensure that his staff is well-equipped to support him in his duty as a prominent member of the legislative body.

The Senator’s assistants will play an important role in aiding his job by acting as his eyes and ears, communicating with constituents and other government officials, offering research and analysis, managing his calendar, and assisting in the development of legislation and policy stances.

First and foremost, Senator Abbas should seek the Fintiri magic that has made the people fall madly in love with him to this day as he strives to succeed the governor. In 2027, the competition will be more intense than the civilian coup organised by Hudu and others.

Furthermore, it is critical for the Senator to choose staffers who have a thorough awareness of the issues confronting his constituents and can effectively engage with a wide range of stakeholders.

There is nothing wrong with Abbas pursuing the concept of replacing Fintiri, but Adamawa Central has a voddo that has not favoured them to lead the state since the restoration of democracy. If Abbas actually intends to become the governor in 2027, he should immediately make or reschedule his aide appointments to reflect all of the divides.

As a senator, Abbas has the opportunity to demonstrate that he can carry everyone along like the governor if his actions and inaction are not questioned in 2027, particularly in terms of the assistants he appointed as senator.

A group accused the senator a few weeks ago of not bringing them along; they claimed that even the legislative aides, the DG campaign, and people he put on the team to offer his palliatives are from one side of the divide, while the others in the central zone are ignored.

Furthermore, the 21 local governments outnumber the 7 local governments that he won in 2023.

Finally, while selecting aides, the senator should consider diversity and inclusivity. Senator Abbas can improve his office’s ability to serve the different needs and concerns of his constituents by assembling a team that reflects the broad tapestry of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences found in Adamwa community.

Senator Abbas’ nomination of aides is an important decision, and he should emphasise those who are dedicated to public service, have suitable degrees and experience, exhibit key personal traits, and embody the ideals of diversity and inclusivity. By establishing a strong and talented team of assistants, the senator can improve his performance as a legislator and better serve the people he serves.

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