Nnamdi Kanu Seeks Negotiation With FG Over Trial

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has informed the Federal High Court in Abuja that he intends to engage in negotiations with the Federal Government under Section 17 of the Federal High Court Act.

Since his arrest in Kenya in June 2021, Kanu has been in the custody of the DSS. Since his arrest, the federal government has brought him to trial on terrorism charges.

Section 17 of the Federal High Court Act stipulates that “in any proceeding before the court, the court may promote reconciliation among the parties thereto and encourage and facilitate the amicable settlement thereof.”

Kanu announced this in open court on Wednesday after moving two applications before the judge.

The initial application is to move Form 49, followed by an objection to the court’s jurisdiction.

Ejimakor stated that if the motions are denied, they will proceed to execute Section 17 of the Federal High Court Act.

Adegboyega Awomolo, the Federal Government’s counsel, responded by informing the court that he had already advised the defendant that he lacked the right to negotiate on behalf of the Federal Government because the fiat he received did not allow him such authority.

He also advised the defendant to approach the Federation’s Attorney General.

In her response, Justice Binta Nyako stated that the court was not a solicitor and would only hear matters.

Kanu, who appeared in court with his lawyers on Wednesday, also discussed the deaths in the southeast.

He stated that he was all for peace and had no involvement in the murder of some soldiers in Abia State a few weeks before.

“I condemn all of the killings in their entirety because IPOB was founded on a non-violent principle, and we maintain that position.” We found that several of these troops are from our town, and their families are currently grieving.

“So, I condemn all killings. I do not want that. We are fighting for freedom, so how can we support violence? We want everyone to be free. We’ve faced major challenges in Africa, including enslavement in Arabia, Europe, and now America.

“This is when we should focus on this continent and be who God wants us to be, so that they know we know what we’re doing,” he told reporters in court.




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