Kano Govt  Reaffirms Sanusi’s Emirship

The government of Kano State has maintained that Muhammadu Sanusi II, the 16th Emir of Kano, is still in his position following Thursday’s court decision.

Timely removal of the 15th Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, from the Gidan Nassarawa small palace for demolition was ordered by the government through the state commissioner of police.

While addressing reporters at the state house, the order was given by Haruna Isa Dederi, who is both the attorney general and commissioner of justice of the state, with Baffa Bichi serving as the secretary to the state government.

Since the government has already finalised plans for the overall restoration and reconstruction of the land, including the demolition and reconstruction of the rundown wall barrier, Dederi stated that Bayero should be removed from the government property where he is trespassing without further delay.

“As you may remember from our previous press briefing, we promised to keep you apprised of any new information regarding our emirate cases,” the message continues. The Federal High Court No. 1, Kano, issued its decision regarding the matter at hand today, June 20, 2024.

As a representative of the Kano State Government and His Excellency Gov. Abba K. Yusuf, I am honoured to address you once again on the ongoing litigation stemming from the dissolution of the Five (5) emirates and the removal of their respective heads of state. This includes eight metropolitan local governments’ ousted emir

The state government of Kano has taken note of the Federal High Court’s decision on the Kano Emirates Council (Repeal) Law, 2024, and regards it as a statement of faith in the rule of law.

His Excellency the Executive Governor of Kano State assented to the law enacted by the Kano State House of Assembly on Thursday, May 23, 2024, by 5:10 pm, and the Court’s verdict has firmly affirmed its constitutionality.

In the grand scheme of things, this part of the ruling is crucial. All government actions prior to the emergence of the interim order of the honourable Court are equally validated, according to the verdict. Thus, the Federal High Court has upheld both the dissolution of the Five emirates established in 2019 and their subsequent deposition.

It follows that Muhammadu Sanusi II is still technically the emir of Kano. We were also granted a stay of proceedings by the court until the Court of Appeal decides the jurisdictional appeal.

Thankfully, the bill was signed and His Highness, Emir Muhammad Sunusi II was reinstated on May 23, 2024, prior to the Interim Order’s appearance and service on May 27, 2024.

The deposed emir of the eight metropolitan local governments is trespassing on government property, which the Kano State Government has ordered the State Commissioner of Police to remove in accordance with the court’s ruling. The government has already made plans to renovate and rebuild the property, including tearing down the old wall fence and replacing it, so the trespasser should leave the premises immediately.

I hope the wonderful people of Kano State can celebrate their achievement without incident, and I offer my congratulations to them. May our state and government always be protected by Allah SWT.

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