NCAA to Sanction Airlines for False Departure Times

The NCAA has issued a warning to airlines about the practice of manipulating departure times.

During a press briefing at the Authority’s Abuja offices on Tuesday, interim director general Chris Najomo stated that the NCAA has instituted a zero-tolerance policy on violations of regulations.

Through Mr. Michael Achimugu, the NCAA Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, the acting DG issued a grave warning to the airlines, threatening severe regulatory action unless they ceased the violation.

His strategy for the NCAA revolved around making doing business easier. He has simplified the licencing process for operators in accordance with that strategy. Getting an AOC is easier and takes less time than it did in the past.

As a result, the NCAA is counting on airlines to do the same. Providing passengers with outstanding service is our top focus.

If the NCAA simplifies operations for operators, then operators must also provide excellent service to passengers, according to Najomo.

“We’ve received reports of some airlines advertising deceptive departure times,” said the CEO. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has passed a rule that states no airline may falsely advertise or publish departure times for passengers.

“The DGCA has ordered monitoring, and violators will face severe regulatory consequences. We want this to be crystal clear.”

He claims that the recent suspension of 10 PNCF holders for noncompliance with the recertification advisory given in April 2024 demonstrates the Authority’s belief in safety, discipline, and economic control.

Although the NCAA recognises the importance of airlines to the economy, he emphasised the need of treating passengers fairly, even as they strive for profitability.

According to Capt. Najomo, the Authority will keep working to make conducting business at the NCAA easier.

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