The Success Story of Adamawa State RAMP 2

The Second Rural Access and Mobility Project is a World Bank assisted project which aims and objectives are to construct five hundred (500) kilometers of rural roads in the state with the purpose to improve transport conditions, increase from agricultural productivity, enhanced socio-economic development; good governance, generate employment opportunity and increase standard of living to the rural communities as well bring sustained access to the rural populace of the state. The project preliminary started in 2012 but became effective on 22nd November, 2013, while the ground breaking ceremony of flag-off for the construction of 201.4km of rural roads to the three senatorial districts of the state, i.e Adamawa central, north and south was done on the 24th June, 2015, by His Excellency Senator Mohammed Umar Jibrilla at Demsa and Labondo respectively. Meanwhile, the three zones were categorized in to lots. In lot one, which is at the central zone has:  Jambutu-Boggare road 8.2km, Njoboli-Njoboliyo-Rugange road 9.4km, Kwanan Waya – Namtari road 4.2km and Labondo- Goron- Borrong road 34.6km. Under this lot, they have a total distance of 56.4km of rural roads. Lot two, that is the northern zone has: Mai Road- Koe –Koppa road 8.0km, Mildo-Muduvu- Madagali road 14.9km,  Kaya-Kulu-Bitiku- Yinagu- Sabon Gari road 17.5km; Shuwa – Pallam road 8.6km and Bazza – Betso Mango – Kalikasa – Kasudi – Zah road 25.0km. Under this lot, they have a total distance of 73.5km of rural roads. While lot three which is at the southern zone, have: New Demsa – Bwashi – Kodomun – Kwaine road 28.0km, Kpasham –Kebali –Yanga road 15.2km, Bille – Wuro Hammawa – Mayo-belwa 15.5km and Gyawana –Hadiyo –Lamurde road 12.8km. Under this lot they have the total distance of 71.5km of rural roads. So if summed up it would give you a total of 201.4km of rural roads. But realistically now is 169km of rural roads simultaneously undergoing construction while due to the severe activities of insurgency at Mildo-Muduvu-Madagali road with 14.9km and Kaya-Kulu-Bitiku-Yinagu-Sabongari road with 17.5km  have stalled the construction work on those roads for now. However, despite the fact that these roads were billed to be completed at the end of last year December, 2017, but due to some challenges encountered such as insecurity and some addition in the initial designed have littered the work of the contractors. Nonetheless, Members of the State Project Monitoring Committee (SPMCs) and the State Project Implementation Unit (SPIUs) are up and doing to ensure the speedy completion of the project as well pressing the contractors to maintain the standard and specification of the project. Moreover, in line with the maintenance scheme of the project, the Members of the SPIU headed by the Project Coordinator, Engineer Abbas Adamu, have recently trained community Based Road Maintenance Teams to engage them to work as soon as the contractors hand over the roads to them. Nevertheless, all these developments shouldn’t have been realistic if not because of the state government most especially of Senator Mohammed Umar Jibrilla’s, led administration commitment to ensuring the prompt payment of the counterpart funding for the implementation of the project as well maintaining it strict supervision. Therefore, the importance of this project cannot be overemphasized as it has significant impact on the lives of masses most especially of the rural communities of not only improving the transports system and increase in the value of agricultural products of the rural populace but it has enhance the economic growth of not only the state but nation at large. Worthy of note is the rivers crossing of this project which comprises structures such as causeway, fords, box culverts and small bridges that was built to ensure proper access to the areas that have impact to the socio-economic importance to the state. Success! Yeah, the project has recorded tremendous success in the state as nobody expected these rapid developments to take place within this short periods in the state until the inception of the Second Rural Access and Mobility Project to the state. The project has widened up the state to different economic activities as well improve the quality of live more especially of the rural communities. It has significantly enhance the transport system in the state, reduce unemployment rate, reduce post harvest loss; increase the value of agricultural produce among others. Now the first phase of the project is at the brim of completion as according to the report seen by this writer, lot one has 96% of completion, lot, two has 70% of completion while lot three has 80% of completion. What a magnificent success! Therefore, what is expected from the benefitting communities is to be patient and continue to pray for the successful completion of the project as well pray for God to grant this administration of Senator Mohammed Umar Jibrilla, more wisdom to lead the state to the better high. While to those who are yet to benefit from the project, should exercise more patience as this project will go round and everybody will benefit. If you do not benefit from road, you will benefit from river crossing of either the culvert or bridge. Therefore, they should not worry as the state government and members of the SPMCs and SPIUs are doing their humanly best to ensure the successful completion of the project. This will not be business as usual whereby government will embark on a project and abandon it half way. Worthy of note is that, this is a World Bank Development assisted Project which aim is to alleviate the sufferings of the rural populace. Meanwhile, preparation for the detail engineering and design for the construction and rehabilitation of the second phase of the project is on the way where every local government area that did not benefit from the first phase will be benefit. Contractors on their part are equally doing their best to ensure that they complete their jobs on time.


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