Youths from Demsa local Government area of Adamawa State under the aegis of ADVOCATES FOR GOOD REPRESENTATION IN DEMSA has called on the sitting member of the Adamawa state house of assembly representing Demsa constituency, Hon Lumsambani Dilli not to seek re-election in 2019. In a statement made available to our correspondent, the youths from Demsa say the 3 years of representation by Dilli has been the worst in the history of the local Government. “Dilli has abandoned his constituency and its people for almost 3 years, he has not been visiting us in this constituency, and he has no knowledge of our challenges and problems so how can he legislate on our behalf or proffer solution? He is not representing us, we don’t know where he has been for the past 3 years”. The youths accused Dilli of showing up now when the 2019 elections is by the corner. “It is laughable to see Dilli assemble some politicians few weeks ago to stage manage a kangaroo empowerment program, is it now that he remembers his constituency? Where has he been all these years? And which type of empowerment is done only to party executives? Is this not politics? He has abandoned Demsa youths and we too have abandoned him. We are not fools in Demsa, he cannot take us for a ride, we will show him the way out with our vote in 2019, enough is enough”.  Hon Lumsambani cannot even visit his village of Dilli without security, go and ask Dilli people, what kind of representation will he provide when he can’t even visit his hometown? I dare him to take the media and visit Dilli today if he will not be stoned. He has lost grip with the grassroots, he is only a Yola representative and he should stay there, we have had enough of his nonchalance and incompetence. The Advocates for good representation in Demsa has a large membership cutting across the ten wards of the local Government area and we will mobilize not only our members but the whole of Demsa against Lumsambani, in fact he has made our work easier by putting up a dismal performance at the house. If he knows what is good for him he should just go and rest. We will elect a better representative in 2019.  No bill is credited to his name that Demsa people will be proud of today, the parliament is a place for people who know the plight of their constituents and are bold enough to voice out on behalf of their people and to lobby projects, but this man has been a bench warmer at the state assembly, infact Demsa has lost a voice for the past 3 years. When you look at the rate of road constructions across the state Demsa has not gotten even an inch of urban road constructions which the Bindow administration is known for, there are road projects from the state capital up to Ngurore, but Demsa has been jumped and urban roads has been constructed in Numan with Demsa still looking like a village, where is our member? He doesn’t know how to lobby viable projects that will open up the local Government area to development. A brand new hospital is been constructed in Numan and Demsa town does not even have a cottage hospital where is our member? Doesn’t he know that all these require lobby from the executive? He doesn’t know why he is there and we will remove him.  We cannot continue to go backward in this generation of speed. Which bill has he tabled before the house for the improvement of the living standard of Demsa people in 3 years? It’s a shame that we don’t have a reliable representative at the state assembly. Our gross with Lumsambani is irreparable he has done great damage to our people by not doing what we voted him to do, he has taken our constituency 50 years backward by his selfishness. You know the state government gave the members of the state assembly a cumulative of 60 million as constituency projects allowance since they assumed office, 40 million at the first instance and later 20 million Naira, we dare Lumsambani to come and show us projects worth 10 million naira in Demsa, what has he done with the constituency allowance of Demsa? Let him come and show us. Even the borehole he sunk in his village of Dilli is dry and dusty. Demsa has regrettably lost out in the last 3 years.  We are determined to change this ugly trend and there is no stopping us.


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