Breaking: Resign Now and Go Back to Bank, Demsa APC Group Tells Hon. Lumsambani Dili

Demsa All Progressives Youth Vanguard has called on the member representing Demsa in the Adamawa State House of assembly, Hon Dili to proceed on immediate resignation for allegedly lack of accountability in handling constituency allowance accrued to Demsa State constituency. In a statement, the Leader of the group, Mala Tsware Mbula noted that Dili has failed his Constituents in handling issue concerning Demsa. “Dili recent visit to Demsa has vindicated our earlier concerns of our group that Dili’s activities have put Demsa Apc in jeopardy. His so call empowerment end up in the hands of PDP members, he should resign now and go back to the bank his services is no longer need by Demsa Local Government.  In fact his tenure has just come to an end”.  Mala Tsware Mbula blamed Dili for allegedly sabotaging Apc in Demsa Local Local Governmentas the electioneering approaches. He described as undemocratic the way and manner the Dili is going about his political activites “he is not a politician, and there is nothing he can point to that he has influence to Demsa nor he has any constituency project to point to. The group further alleged that Dili was at the epicenter of the leadership crisis which has bedeviled the party in Demsa. “He want to ruin Apc the way he did in PDP, we will not allow it to happen. Mala Tsware Mbula said: “We make bold to state categorically that our Member, Hon Dilii should be held responsible if any crisis emerge from Dema Apc. “And despite his open romance with PDP members in Demsa, he is still claiming to be a member of the APC.  “We can’t allow such character to come and cause mayhem in Demsa because of his double standard. We want him to show us what he has done with the constituency allowance before coming to Demsa otherwise we will resist him from stepping his foot on Demsa soil. His leadership incompetence has further exacerbated the crisis in Demsa chapter of APC and this has endangered the strength of our party in the state”, the group asserted



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