Angered by years of perceived neglect by the Adamawa State government, Bole community in Adamawa State has periodically erupted in protest at recent years. Again, beginning of January 2018, youths in Bole community began a new round of widespread protests. Through such dramatic action, they hope to attract the government’s attention and win compensation. The Elders of Bole community in Yola South Local Government Area, led by Alhaji Usman Sani, has sent an SOS to the Adamawa State government for intervention in rehabilitation of the major road through the community which is in very deplorable condition.  Usman said that it was difficult to tell that Bole as a suburb of Yola was supposed to be part of the state capital territory due to the neglect of the area particularly the abandonment of the only main road. The community Elders noted that Bole occupy a gateway position of farmers to transport their farm produce to the market, which should have qualified it for intervention by the State Government, the area has remained neglected and several reported plans to construct the roads have clearly been abandoned. Lamenting the state of the major road through the community, Usman said that the situation of obvious neglect had become more pronounced as all the roads to the neighboring communities on the other side of Yola South are tarred and vehicle-friendly. Also speaking one of the Youth leader, Hassan Abba told our correspondent that, “This is a road that the minimum level of government commitment is not felt. Ordinarily, it should have been a Federal Government road because of the nature of the terrain, knowing what it would cost to construct. The question is, how long should Bole remain like this? He explained in an interview for newsmen in Yola, “Bole kingdom is made up of six communities. “This road to Bole is a stretch of about 3 kilometres passing Lakare, Bole 1 in Yola South. The road is the biggest challenge Bole community in Yola South local government has. He therefore appealed to Governor Bindow to rescue his people from neglect, saying they have been suffering numerous social and economic deprivation because the area has become almost inaccessible by motor vehicles.

The community elder stated that the state and the country as a whole stand to gain a lot from the proper opening up of Bole road because of the economic potentials of the area including agriculture. Speaking on the issue, another community leader told our correspondent that the speaker Adamawa State House of Assembly visited Bole and pledge to buy electric transformer for them, “as you can see some of us have already get pole waiting for the speaker to fulfill his promise, but as we speak nothing has been heard of him, we don’t have functional school, no road, no electricity, how can we survive like this? Despites producing the SSG, the speaker ADHA and two commissioners, the Bole community is perhaps the least-developed area of the State.  The Bole community therefore lacks good roads, electricity, potable water and good schools. Communication facilities are few and far between. Illiteracy is high because the only functional school in Bole is in a sorry state abandoned by successive government of Adamawa State. “We are appealing to Gov. Bindow to save us from this neglect, election is at the corner what will the SSG, The Speaker, Commissioner for Water Resources and Commissioner for Local showcase to us as dividend of democracy they brought to us, we need electric transformer, even if we get one borehole we will be grateful to the Governor”.


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