A political campaign group, Bindow Sensitisation/Workshop Committee, Adamawa-central chapter, says nobody in the Adamawa can defeat Bindow in the 2019 general elections. Mr. Raji Mohammed said the group had concluded plans to carry out sensitisation programmes across Adamawa in the zone to ensure the re-election of Bindow. The told this news medium that the certificate allegations against Gov. Bindow is laughable and a garage gossip which is being promoted by this opponents that defeat await tomorrow Sunday, “ in 2011, Bindow was screened by INEC and he no issue with his certificate, again Bindow was screen in 2015 when he contested alongside Nuhu Ribadu, Gundidri, if truly he has no certificate the like of Nuhu and Gundiri will not waste time in going to court, if you look at the petition filed by Gundiri in 2015, there was no single complain of certificate scandal being promoted by these political nonentity, one thing I want to tell you is that  Buhari too was accused of certificate scandal, is he not the president today? The campaign of calumny Bindow suffered in the hands of his detractors cause him to be more popular across Nigeria. But most of you the Journalists being hire to publish this falsehood will later understand that Bindow 2019 is ordained by Almighty Allah”. He described Bindow as a man who exhibits “zero tolerance for corruption and injustice and whose political will helped in transforming the Adamawa economy. “Within the age bracket of those who have served in government, we do not have anybody that equals Bindow in terms of character, credibility among others,” he said According to Raji, the group will also work for the election of other contestants in the All Progressives Congress (APC) from ward to the federal level. “In achieving this, a lot has been put on ground structurally because if you do not plan, it simply means you have planned to fail. “We are also to ensure that every Adamawa residents is properly educated on what Bindow has done for Adamawa State for him to deserve a second term. “This will be from the ward, local and state level in the states; the road transport workers, civil servants, the less privileged and the physically challenged will all be carried along,” Raji said. He attributed the herdsmen killings across the country to ploy by desperate politicians to discredit the present government and to frustrate the re-election of Bindow in 2019. “The election of Bindow in 2015 was not because some politicians decamped from PDP to APC, but because he was one man who Adamawa residents felt it was time to do the right thing and they gave him their votes.

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