The chairman United Adamawa group for change, Alhaji Dasin has asked supporters of the Gov. Bindow to ignore the attacks Member representing Mubi south, Abdurrahman Abubakar is directing at Bindow.

Abdurrahman, a Senatorial aspirant of the ADC, has been very critical of Bindow in recent times due to the inability of the member to secure assurance of 2019 senatorial ticket from the Governor.

Two days ago, he told some people that there is no accountability in Bindow’s Government, we want to remember Abdurrahman if he want to towed same part he went before and later came back begging eminent Adamawa elders to beg the Governor to forgive him some years back. It will be recalled that Mr. Abdurrahman raised alarm that Gov. Bindow has diverted bailout funds and after investigations by EFCC and ICPC, his allegation against the Governor was found to be lies and he later came back and tender unreserved apology to Bindow which all over Nigeria media.

But Dasin wondered why the member representing mubi south had become so desperate that he had forgotten the encomiums he showered on the Governor before he left the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dasin said Abdurrahman’s comments have shown that he is very dangerous and can go any length to promote his personal interests, how can we join issues with someone who is not even married talk more of having family of his own, leadership start from the family, do you expect him to know leadership when he is still single till this moment?

Below is Dasin’s statement:

The supporters of Gov. Umar Jibrilla wishes to react the crude speeches hitting the news from Abdurrahman Abubakar who recently joined the ADC with the sole ambition of running as the Sentor of the Federal Republic.

In response the condemnable and extremely derogatory speeches by the ADC aspirant, we urge all Bindow’s supporters to display restraint in language and conduct and to always put across their points of view in a decent language.

Throughout his political career, Abdurrahman has shown that he is a very dangerous person who can go any length to promote his personal interests. The language of his campaign is such that cannot be used against a domestic help.

Is he just knowing that the Governor lacked vision? This is someone that the member had worked with very closely for more than three years. Amazingly, he never said all that he is now saying against him. Rather, his word for and on the Governor were always respectful and reassuring. That’s the man he called “My Father,” about him “there is no cause for alarm.” What then changed, all of a sudden?
Is he saying these blatantly false and crude things against the Gov. Bindow because he is gunning for the senate seat? Could it be that he is targeting Bindow because the party he just joined does not have any real issues to highlight?

Be that as it may, our appeal to our supporters is to ignore Abdurrahman and any such politicians bent on lowering the quality of political discourse. Let them drown in their own water


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