‘How We Were Paid to Drag Gov. Bindow to Court for Certificate Forgery’ – Report Exposes

A new investigative report by The Finder Newspaper, has revealed how a group of civil society were promised 50 Million naira to impugn the integrity and also drag the Governor of Adamawa State to High Court over alleged certificate forgery.

In particular, a Members of the group told this news medium how they were approached by a gubernatorial candidate from Adamawa State to drag Bindow to court and part with 50 million naira as reward.

“There was no justification for the payment of 50 million naira to us to damage the name of the Governor, if I recalled before the APC primary, an ally to one of the gubernatorial candidate, approached us in Abuja and strike a deal with us to take the Governor to court, we agreed to the plan and 15million was brought to five of us in cash in a popular hotel in Abuja, and we were promised the balance of 35million naira after filing the suit as agreed, we discovered we have being short changed by this gubernatorial candidate, after dragging the Governor to court, the gubernatorial candidate fails to honour the agreement of releasing the balance to us, as I speak to you all of us we make our position clear through press conference to exposed those who paid us to drag Bindow to court for certificate forgery, the source told this news medium how they filed the first case of forgery against Bindow and was struck out by same high court last October due to nonappearance of any of them that was promise millions of naira, “ the first case failed because we could not agree on a specific amount, but this time around we agree to take 50million naira, but as it is now, we don’t even know if the certificates the Governor submitted to Inec is same as the one we took to court, but the gubernatorial candidate from Adamawa us told not to entertain any fear as preparation is ongoing with a man he called Umar to verified the certificate used by the Governor in filling form CF001, but the fear we are nursing now is that if Bindow’s certificate is fake, how did the Governor survive in the senate for four years and is the current Governor of Adamawa State. We feared for our safety because if the court strike the case out as it was done last October that is why we are requesting for our Balance now or we expose our sponsors next week. The Source told this news medium

A physical verification revealed by The Finder Newspaper shows that the result submitted by the Governor to Inec is not same with what is being brandish in the social media.

“It is apparent that we the plaintiff did not get value for dragging the Governor to court over mere allegation by our sponsor. It would, therefore, appear that the certificate forgery we drag the Governor to court for was done with a specific mindset of tarnishing the image of the Governor before 2019 election” as the candidate told us that it is through tarnishing is image that will secured his 2019 ambition of defeating BIndow.

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