The publicity secretary of Vote Right Nigeria, Mr. Solomon Waziri advice Adamawa Voters not fall to the antics of those who see politics as a game of chance and luck and resist those who has allegation of financial malfeasance dangling around their neck come 2019, Solomon why speaking to Journalists in Abuja, warn of severe consequences if Adamawa electorate buy into those who came to deceive them about being a messiah. “Bindow mean Adamawa people no harm, Bindow is not in Adamawa for destruction, but for development, Bindow is come to Adamawa politics as a saviour, let me explain, Bindow is epitome of a reborn politician rising against all odds to developed Adamawa State to world standard, Bindow understand what he must do to take Adamawa State from the wood and he has done it now, Bindow hear Adamawa peoples cry for salvation prior to 2015, that’s why he came down to offers his selfless service to the State.

“Bindow knows the problem every one of the residents of Adamawa and he has fixed it and will continue beyond 2019, there are corrupt politicians coming to contest against Bindow in 2019 and they wants to effect Adamawa Voters with their poisonous lies and cheap propaganda in 2019, the Governor is a man of development, we can feel in his soul, Adamawa State need Bindow beyond 2019, the question I want to ask Adamawa people is that, are they going to allow Bindow continue the development or they want to return to the dark days of the state? We need to walk by the side of the Governor now or follow the politicians who wants to stand in the way of developing Adamawa State”.

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