“2019 will the most glorious victory of all time for Gov. Bindow”

Gov. Bindow will still defeat the opposition governorship candidate, Umaru Fintiri, despite his endorsement and open support by his supporters, the Chairman, Adamawa Youths Frontier, Peter Sini, boasted on Saturday. Sini, who briefed the media on current developments in the polity, also absolved Bindow of any wrongdoing in developing Adamawa State to world standard, The Youth leader pointed out that while Fintiri’s handler was entitled to support Fintiri or any other candidate of their choice, Bindow had done enough to garner the overwhelming support of Adamawa electorates to roundly defeat Fintiri in the forthcoming contest. The youth leader said: “With due respect to his handler, it is their fundamental right to support any candidate of their choice and we hereby encourage and urge them to go all out and campaign vigorously for Fintiri and we wish them the best of luck in their choice and political pursuit. But we assure them that their candidate will be roundly and comprehensively defeated by Bindow. “We want to place it on record that the Bindow government has done the best for this State in virtually all facets of governance and for this reason, we believe strongly that we have enough achievements to flaunt and win the forthcoming election with ease. We have it on record that the opposition is already jittery of Bindow’s imminent victory and has consequently resorted to using fake news to blackmail the Governor and our party in order to give excuse for the looming defeat. One of the fake news being propagated by the opposition, which is now very confused, is that Bindow has endangered Adamawa State by borrowing 5 billion naira to pay workers salary and cannot open the main door to his conference room in the government house and the allegation of mismanaging of bailout funds, despite having openly been made clear that there was nothing like that. This is clearly the fake news and handiwork of the opposition in serious distress and confusion. “It is not true that Bindow squandered bail funds as been alleging by Fintri and his handlers, we all witness how bailout was utilized and how some Adamawa citizen petitions the EFCC and the ICPC about bailout and after investigation, Bindow was given clean health bill. Anybody who says so is a purveyor of fake news and should be ignored. Let this campaign be issue-based and not on sentiments, silly and idiotic fake news. “But I want to put the media on the alert that as we approach the election, they should be more cautious as the opposition is determined to dish out more and more fake news in order to confuse them and create tension and dissonance in the system all in their desperate bid the win the election. They know they have nothing to offer the Adamawa people,” he pleaded with Adamawa electorates to reject the looting fresh air slogan been dangled around their necks by the PDP governorship candidate. If fresh means looting as we witness between June 2014 to August 2014 in Adamawa, when Fintiri holds way as acting Governor, then we reject it as such will not augur well for all of us.

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