“Thank You Gov Bindow For Creating Wealth Overnight”-Newshawk Publisher Pours Econmium on Gov. Bindow (CBN)

The Publisher of the Newshawk online newspaper has taken to his blog to pour encomium on Gov. Bindow for paying salary arrears of workers he inherited from Messrs Nyako, Fintiri and Bala Ngillari , Mr. Mohammed Ismail who is one of the critic of Gov. Bindow through his Christmas morning post has admitted that Bindow deserves second in office and that those claiming ignorance of backlog of salary Bindow inherited from his predecessor should bury the idea as he has confirmed that truly there was salary backlog the Governor inherited and that Bindow has created millionaires, with the publisher’s article on his news page, it means the publisher has seen the light in Bindow’s administration, Dasin opined

See post as publish by Newshawkng:


One basic attribute that separates leaders from the rest of us, is the fact that they are placed at a vantage position high above us and can perceive and even see what many of us, the ordinary folks, cannot see.

That is why, some witty and ingenious leaders can proffer excellent solutions to some complex challenges that are in most instances, obverse to the thinking of a common man on the street, whose world views, are sometimes situated just beyond his nose.

It is for this reason, that I call on Adamawa people to clap for Bindow for proffering a simple solution to the lingering issue of non payment of local government workers backlog of salary, which would have defied solution, if not for the prompt and wily intervention of the governor, popularly called “Danbaiwa” by his array of supporters, for the excellent gift of wisdom and profundity he is bestowed with.

Among the array of his opponents jostling to replace him com 2019, it is my humble belief that no one would have thought of addressing the salary quagmire the way Bindow did, by simply borrowing the sum of N5billion to pay off the workers once and for all and shaming his traducers who wrongly saw his taciturnity and simplistic mien as a form of weakness.

The governor deserves a raptorous aclaim from all and sundry, for his administrative acumen, economic profundity and financial wizardry which enabled him to hypnotized even a renowned financial institution of refute, like the UBA to part with a princely sum of N5billion despite the prevailing economic crisis without batting and eyelid or expressing any form of opposition.

With this feat, I’m more than convinced that the patriotic demeanour and concern of the governor towards the welfare of all Adamawa people, especially the famished Local Government workers knows no bound, otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken the trouble to go cap in hand begging for a loan, considering his wealthy background and gangling social stature, just to satisfy the aspirations of some of the most backward and downtrodden, among the people he led.

If as the son of ordinary civil servant, I find it difficult to beg for loan because of the odium associated with such endeavour, one can aptly capture the discomfort Bindow, the son of one of the richest men in Adamawa will go through for the sake of some few wretched local government workers. But because of his love for their comfort, he was able to stomach the shame and discomfort associated with a loan request, further buttressing his unabashed love for them. Methinks for this gesture, we all need to vow in obeisance to this unique champion of the masses.

Lest I forget the unfortunate antics of some busybodies who are hell bent in spreading a wicked rumour and going to town with the claim that Bindow did not inherit any backlog of debt when he assumed the reigns of power in the state but simply refused to pay the workers, making the backlog of salary arrears to balloon.

I don’t understand why these busybodies failed to fathom the rationale behind the gesture of refusing to pay salaries for months until the amount is huge for everybody to become a millionaire before payment is done. If I may ask these “Amebos” are the workers not the better for it now that some of them have been made overnight millionaires? Who care about the travails they passed before? Indeed some of the LG workers, I learnt, are now worshipping the governor for changing their fortunes and social status overnight. But the enemies of the governor won’t just see this gesture because of sheer enmity and envy.

In fact, I never knew that Bindow was an economic genius until I started seeing the overnight millionaires he created indulging in life of luxury and saturating the markets with cash that I became aware of the economic impact of his simple and effective policy that only “Dainbaiwa” can conjure.

I want to concur with a supporter of the governor who in his expression of gratitude for Bindow on his face book wall said: “The governor should not only be thanked for saturating the state with cash and creating overnight millionaires noting that we must all vow to seek the governor’s forgiveness.” In deference with this counsel, I candidly wish to express suitable penitence to the governor for doubting his capacity and altruistic intentions toward all of us.


It should be validated that by the token, the governor has succeeded in doing what accomplished technocrats all over the world failed to do without much qualms. If the intentions of governance all over the world is to produce wealthy citizens, then Bindow has come up with a simple model of creating wealth and millionaires without wracking a brain and thereby resolving a huge humanitarian crisis by deploying street wisdom of give and take.

I call on the world to celebrate the governor by placing him in the group of most renowned accomplished personalities of all time and should be placed side by side with the likes of Carl Marx, Albert Einsteen et all for this remarkable feat.

I want to suggest here that the governor’s stance that educated people should not be given the chance to lead the state again, should be upheld and henceforth men without education certification should always lead the state at all levels, because it is apparent that ignorant leaders alway proffer the best solutions to our existential problems.

Had we elected an educated person, the problem of non payment of salaries will have lingered on because of the propensity of educated people to use alien economic models to solve our unique economic challenges which in most instances only compound our woes.



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