Group attacks Ribadu; says He Lack Political Value to deliver Adamawa State to President Buhari in 2019’

The Chairman Adamawa United for Change, Musa Dasin, has attacked the Former Chairman of the EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu, calling him  a ‘political neophyte’ seeking relevance ahead of the 2019 general election.”

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, Mr Dasin, reacting to comments made by Nuhu Ribadu that he will not support Bindow’s re-election, but will support President Buhari come 2019.

Mr Ribadu, after the alleged donation of his campaign structure to President Muhammadu Buhari, was quoted to have said that he will only support Buhari in 2019.

Mr Dasin attacked Ribadu accusing him of lacking political exposure needed to deliver the polling unit in his family compound to APC come 2019.

Mr Dasin declared that the “ former EFCC chairman is a serial looser when it come to politics, Nuhu Ribadu has not won any election in his life time before, how can he boost of delivering Adamawa State to President Buhari in 2019? Nuhu contested under ACN for President he garnered only 13 Votes in his family compound, he went ahead to contest for governorship election in 2015 along side Bindow and Gundiri of the SDP, but Gov. Bindow defeated the duo of Ribadu and Gundiri in 2015, even the votes garnered by Messrs Ribadu and Gundiri puts together is nowhere close to Bindow’s votes in 2015 election.

“How can Ribadu boast of given what he does not have, or he want to cash into the Governor’s hard work come February 2019?

“If Ribadu chose to relocate to the Presidential Villa and use campaign of calumny that the Governor is not supporting the President, that will not save him, trying to intimidate Bindow to create a dynasty, Bindow  powered by the truth – uphold the best interest of APC members and indeed of APC people in Adamawa State.”

“we challenge Ribadu to deliver his family polling come February 2019, then we will believe whatever he said from Adamawa State, we are using this opportunity to call on the National leadership of the APC to ignore the ranting of Ribadu that he will deliver Adamawa to President Buhari come 2019, even in the recent APC governorship primary, Nuhu Ribadu came distant third, we wait to see the drama from Ribadu come next month”.

“Bindow does not need Nuhu Ribadus’s support to defeats his opponents come march 2019 and if he Ribadu want to contest against Bindow again come march, 2019 he should get himself another party’s ticket and see if  what plays out in 2015 will not reapeat itself.

“Bindow will deliver Adamawa for Mr. President comes next month by the special grace of God”. The statement said.

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