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Mustapha Atiku Ribadu, a confused paperweight, says Dasin

The Chairman United Adamawa Youth for Change has empathized with Mustapha Atiku Ribadu on his reported petition to the inspector General of Police over threat to his life by Bindow ADC, saying a bleak political future awaits him if he want to be a politician, but for now, Mustapha Atiku Ribadu is looking for cheap media popularity in Adamawa.


The group in its first formal reaction to news of the self confessed associates of the former EFCC Chiarman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu also promised Mr. Mustapha and his agent of fake news a crushing and humiliating defeat at the polls in next year’s general elections. Mustapha “We have received several media requests for a reaction to the purported threat to Mustapha by the ADC of Bindow, the first question we want to ask is, who is Mustapha Atiku in Adamawa politics? Has he ever contested for even a councillorship position in his life, how many followers does he command even in his street of abode? Or he is hallucinating about been popular?

Dasin told this news medium that “The weakest people whose senses of expectation do not align with Bindow’s vision have exited our Party”, Mustapha and his pay master has exploited all available avenues to sabotage and undermine the APC-led executive in Adamawa State. We empathise with Mustapha Ribadu Atiku and his paymaster on their confusion and despair over their bleak political future given the fact that duo of  Mustapha and Nuhu Ribadu  is not on ground and a political paperweight in their home state of Adamawa.

Mustapha was merely used by his political paymaster to achieve their selfish political ends at the time. They have since moved on to pursue their individual political aspirations and left Mustapha Atiku Ribadu in the cold. “We would advise Mustapha against his ill-advised decision to petition the I.G of Police over the allege threat to his life by Bindow’s ADC by the section of a media in Adamawa State, which was branded as Bindow’s ADC.

If Mustapha think he his popular, how many votes was he able to garner for Nuhu Ribadu in 2015 and the recent APC gubernatorial primary in Adamawa State? If Mustapha think he is a politician, he should pick a form and contest for Councilor and see how he will be disgrace. We urged Adamawa electorates to disregard the wolf crying of Mustapha Atiku Ribadu, that he is under threat by the Governor’s ADC.

How can someone who is not seen as threat to APC in Adamawa be threaten or those that joined the party in Adamawa was under threat prior to their defection? “As a Party, we remain united and committed to our Progressives ideologies. We urge Party faithful to consolidate on our strengths and collectively go into the 2019 general elections as a united and strong political fighting force to sustain the Change Agenda we are implementing for the benefit of Nigerians”, it added.

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