Breaking: “Adamawa Gov-elect transition committee has lost focus” – Mapida


    “They ought to report to their principal not to the public”

    “This incompetent transition committee of the gov-elect has gone besiege in building acrimony



    A former secretary Justice Frontiers, Mr. Mapida Ikwurunyi has called on Adamawa son and daughters to watch and pray as recent outburst by Fintiri transition committee has shown that the gov-elect has nothing to offer the people of Adamawa but coming in with full force media propaganda against Bindow’s administration and to engage in blame game having seen that he cannot fulfill the promised of paying 32000 minimum wage to workers.


    In the statement released by Mr. Mapida’s aide Saturday evening, Pwasato Timothy said although there is nothing new in the “fabricated AADIL sale and appointment claim” which he had debunked in the past, the forum will continue to restate the facts.

    “Gov. Bindow has no plan of selling AADIL or sell any government property to his cronies as alleged by the secretary of Fintiri transition committee turn probe panel, because such never happened,” the statement read in part.

    He argued that most of the fabricated lies against Gov. Bindow’s government by the incompetent transition committee that has given their self probe panel powers   predated the Bindow’s administration and survives it, adding that Mr. Bindow is a man of honour that has never been probe or arrested and arraign in court by the EFCC nor the ICPC.

    “The fact remains that as transition committee for the gov-elect, it their duty to provide blue print for the gov-elect to fulfill all the promises he made during the campaign period, the transition committee should be those that followed the gov-elect during his campaign tour not new faces that surface from nowhere going round hoodwinking workers to stop this and that, threaten workers not to employ new staff or award new contract, recent events continue to vindicate Bindow as Nigerians and Africa continues to celebrate him, those who are insecure will feed such propaganda to their media agents to feed their inferiority complex,” the statement said.

    “In fact, we expected something like this ever since PDP was announced winner by INEC weeks ago in Adamawa, campaign period is over, but one still wonder why transition committee of the governor elect will continue in their campaign of calumny against the person of Gov. Bindow all in the name of trying to ridicule him in the eyes of the electorate and Nigerians.  “We are well aware that this claim was intentioned to eclipse the goodwill and positive reports of Bindow’s diligent engagement in office for over four years come May 29.

    “The fact that most major media houses in the country refused to republish this falsehood bears out our conviction that Adamawa resident can no longer be deceived by hollow and diversionary claims of corruption which the incoming administration plan to label against the person of Gov. Bindow, in the face of empty promises made by the advocate of “fresh air and their agents.”

    Pwasato said that beyond the “wave of conjecture”, Bindow was not linked, indicted or charged for collecting any money as kickbacks or bribes from any company as a Senator or as a Governor.

    “We would like to point out that all the actions taken by the Bindow administration in relation to activities in Adamawa State were legally conducted by relevant government officials and were carried out in the best interest of Adamawa State.


    “Finally, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we will like to point out that whether in office or out of office, Bindow has never been invited by the EFCC or ICPC for diverting public funds or for money laundering. It, therefore, beggars belief that so much useful energy is channelled by dark forces into this futile bid to bring down a man whose political ambition was not and still is not worth the blood of any Adamawa residents as manifested in the recent concluded governorship polls in Adamawa.”

    In its new claims, the Fintiri transition committee has accused Bindow’s government of  embarking on illegal and unauthorised auctioning of government properties to themselves, their cronies and unsuspecting members of the public.’’

    Part of the statement issued by the committee’s secretary, John Yahaya, read:

    “A particular case in point is Adamawa Agricultural Development and Investment Limited (AADIL), where government officials have concluded arrangements to auction its assets to themselves anytime, despite the fact that the contractor has not fully supplied all the items which is against the procurement laws.

    “We also want to draw the attention of the current government that the transition committee is in possession of the correct inventory of all items of the agency as against what has been submitted to it.

    ”The Adamawa Transition Committee is also aware that bogus contracts are being hastily awarded. One such case is the land clearing project purportedly awarded at the sum of One Hundred Million (100,000,000.00) Naira and was fully paid for within the past fortnight but no such work was done.


    “It is most despicable that a government which has been taking overdraft to pay salaries since inception, will suddenly turn welfarist by promising to pay the N30,000 minimum wage to workers even when the process is yet to completed by the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission.

    “It is obvious that the governor was simply playing to the gallery and taking the workers for a ride, even as he paid himself severance benefits worth millions but failed to pay salaries for the month of April, ten days into the current month, thereby visiting untold hardship on them, especially the Muslim faithful who are observing Ramadan fast.”

    Mr. Mapida told this news medium that this is not the first time a governor will set up a transition in Adamawa, “this incompetent transition committee of the gov-elect has gone besiege, using media propaganda to tarnish the image of Gov. Bindow before submitting the report to the gov-elect, their task is to compile and submit findings only to their principal not going to the media to make unsubstantiated allegations”.



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