FACT-CHECK: A.T Shehu’s claim untrue: Sunday Wugira granted an interview to Tom Garba


    The state chairman of the people’s democratic in Adamawa, A.T Shehu’s critics on Wednesday carpeted him for allegedly lying about one Sunday Wugira not granting interview to Tom Garba, in a complaint letter written to the DSS against Journalist Tom Garba, Shehu claimed Sunday Wugira denies granting interview to Tom garba and that Tom Garba is the author of the story that he (Shehu) claimed is causing disunity in the state.

    In the letter sent to the DSS and a copy obtained by this news medium shows that A.T Shehu complaint against Tom Garba not speaking to Wugira before publishing the alleged story.

    But many are now raising concerns not about Sunday Wugira’s denial  not speaking with Tom Garba, “if Sunday Wugira has not spoken to Tom Garba as claimed in the letter written to the DSS by Shehu, why the silence from Wugira despite reading the story as published by Tom Garba before the complaint letter written to the DSS by Shehu? Mohammed Tanko ask.

    A.T Shehu’s Claim in the letter to the DSS

    In the third paragraph of Shehu’s letter to the DSS, he claimed: “the writer claimed that he interviewed Steve Adamu and Barr. Sunday Wugira. We contacted Barr. Sunday Wugira and he mention that he never granted any interview, thus making us to believe that even the said Steven must been a fictitious name. For the avoidance of doubt you wish to contact Barr, Sunday Wugira”.

    The Facts:                              

    The Finder’s examination of the audio conversation between Tom Garba and Sunday Wugira report showed that Wugira actually granted interview to Tom Garba, the audio also show that Tom Garba quoted Sunday Wugira correctly and it was exactly what Wugira said that was published by Tom Garba.

    Conclusion: A.T Shehu’s claim in the letter to the DSS that Sunday Wugira denies speaking to Tom Garba is false.


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