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100 days in office: A bumpy no Capital project could turn panicking electorates against Fintiri

Are you ready for a no single capital project in Adamawa state under Fintiri as we approach 100 days in office of Gov. Fintiri of Adamawa state? Have you stockpiled enough courage and patience from the supporters of the fresh advocate that takes delight in pouring encomiums on Fintiri for paying salary on the 24th of the month and forgetting that large populace of people of Adamawa are not civil servants? Built a small fort of deception of the Fintiri led state government that they have solutions to the myriads of problem that plaque the state under Fintiri’s watch, just in case?

Over few weeks, Gov. Fintiri supporters engaged in a fruitless campaign of praise singing their master and given distinction on thing they know is not just working since the advent of Fintiri administration in Adamawa, several groups gave warning to the Adamawa public, businesses and neighbouring states to prepare for Adamawa going backward in terms of non-implementation of any capital project under Fintiri’s watch, even though the official position of the government is that it has performed by paying civil servants salary of the 24th of the months, educational reforms and security and running inclusive government.

Even if Fintiri and his supporters are right that their preparedness for the physical consequences of no single capital within 100 days in office are perfect, how sure are they that the non-civil servants in Adamawa state are mentally ready for not gaining anything under Fintiri’s government as they are not civil servant that may be happy for receiving salary on the 24th of the month? A number of PDP party stalwarts are worried that if Fintiri does enter 100 days in office without a single capital project deal for the people to see, the main problem might not be that there are what many of them optimistically term “bumps in the road”, even the governor’s party members end up having a massive and very noisy panic attack about the whole endeavour.

Fintiri media handlers and his supporters have a tendency to panic even in small crises, calling anxiously for anyone even tangentially involved to be suspended so that the governor will start his tenure on a clean slate, so that they can at least appear to have a handle on the situation. The unfortunate defence any Fintiri supporters could put forward is by trying in vain to convince the people that Fintiri’s administration is confronting the problems of the people of Adamawa state, one, the much touted improve security is a charade, since the coming on-board of the present administration in Adamawa, Kidnappers have feed day doing what they know how to do the best, the insecurity experience ranging from kidnapping a serving permanent secretary, the killing of chairman of Miyetti Allah in Mayo Belwa local government of Adamawa and the kidnapping of the younger brother of Jauro a close confident of the presidential candidate of the PDP Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in Adamawa state, no one could accept that security of life and property is guarantee under the watch of Fintiri led state government in Adamawa.

Two, they talk about educational reformed, currently there is no single classroom that has been awarded for renovation by the Fintiri led state government, the much noise about free education is a hoax as the government schools in Adamawa does not collected anything tangible amount as school fees before the advent of FIntiri administration, so some of us see the conceived idea of the school feeding program as a conduit pipe that will later turn out to be avenue for misappropriation of public funds.

If the governor is serious with the free education policy that he and his supporters have been jubilating about, why not scrapped the tuition fee collected by all the tertiary institution owned by the state government in Adamawa, as I speak all the state owned tertiary intuitions in Adamawa lack funding as most of them are state of pity due to infrastructure deficit in their various campus, most of the institution it difficult to power a gas generator due to lack of funding from the state government.

The Fintiri administration in Adamawa is much like the relatives regularly observed by doctors on geriatric wards: the ones who are the most demanding of the healthcare professionals invariably turn out to be those who failed to visit their ailing mother for years, and are now taking out their guilt on the poor nursing staff.  The warnings about a no single capital project initiated by the Fintiri administration aren’t being heard. This is what we need to do

It will be easy for this pattern to manifest itself again in a “bumpy” no-capital project scenario as we approach 100 days in office of Gov. Fintiri. One voter fretted to me recently that “if there is no single capital project in 100 days, journalists like you are going to find various things that have gone wrong, or a few bins that have fallen over, and then my colleagues are all going to start panicking about what no capital project has done to the state, even if these problems were entirely unrelated to economic depression,  They’ll start saying, ‘Oh no, this isn’t what I meant at all,’ and will then look around for someone like Bindow to blame.” Another senior politician predicts that “we might have another dodgy dossier-style situation, where you get people saying, ‘I only supported the evidence I was presented with that Fintiri will provide solution to our problems, but now I’ve changed my mind.’”

There is also the rather obvious blame game going on between the Fintiri government and his predecessor. If there is no capital project to celebrate in 100 days in office by Fintiri. Fintiri will want to say it was recalcitrant Adamawa leader like Bindow who forced his administration out in this way. Similarly some of his supporters want to impress upon anyone who will listen that Fintiri administration is already dead set on approaching 100 days in office without a single capital project in Adamawa.

The question we want to ask is that what will Gov. Fintiri and his supporters be celebrating in the upcoming 100 days which is around the corner? Payment of salary is not an achievement, educational reforms is in promise not in action as all schools in Adamawa state lacks funding till this minute, insecurity is on the increase due to high level of kidnapping happening under Fintiri’s watch as governor, inclusive government propaganda is relative, as voters has religion, tribe and ethnic background, if Fintiri run inclusive government by appointing Christians and Muslim on equal proportion, what about the balancing in ethnicity when it comes to appointments? The Lungunda tribe in Adamawa are complete out of the equation of appointments, as they are longer having any appointment again in this government.

if Fintiri cannot pay salary and award projects like his predecessor, Bindow has done in four years then his government should apologise to Bindow who payed salary and constructed roads simultaneously within 100 days in office.

If the Bindow government fails as a convenient scapegoat as alleged by Fintiri and his party, everyone can also blame the Fintiri government for failing to prepare properly for governance.

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  1. ASHIRU S Muhammad

    Also, not all civil servants that are receiving their Salaries, there are many who he refuses to pay up to now, not only newly appointed but also those that had the transfer of service! This is very unfortunate.

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