Implementation of 32000 naira minimum wage: chicken has finally come home to roast in Adamawa


    My heart bleeds this day to come across lies and pettiness of an article written by one Zayyad I. Muhammad, from Jimeta published by thenationline issue of October 8th 2019, why it is on point to respond to this senseless and myopic mind of the author of this article due to misrepresentation of fact in the public domain about Sen. Jibrilla Bindow. It is pertinent to note that some of his view are nothing but a smirk of enthusiast who find joy in propelling things that are lies and half-truth.


    Mr. Zayyad I. Muhammad claimed in the said article claimed that Bindow went berserk at the tail end of his tenure to employ everyone and granting waiver to who is in government, Zayyad fail to understand that Gov. Fintiri was acting governor for over 74 days before he was sacked by the court, within the 74 days of acting, Fintiri went ahead to perform his duty as acting governor including employments within this period.


    It is on record that the court later faulted the process of impeachment used by Fintiri led assembly against Nyako, the court eventually declared Fintiri 74 days acting as illegal and went ahead to fault the removal of Nyako from office by then assembly led by Fintiri, can we say that all the actions performed within this 74 days as acting has come to nothing base on the judgement of the court? Despite the court judgement against the Fintiri led assembly, all his action as acting governor remained valid as his successor never at any point reversed any actions carried out by the then acting governor, including contracts, employments etcetera.


    Some of us are in the dark when one claimed that waiver was used illegally under Bindow, history will be kind to Bindow as without waiver from governor no employment cannot happen, at this point it is amused me that some people including the writer of the article published by that employment did not follow due process when teachers employment was advertised through prints and electronic media and yet the government of the day still claim that their employments did not follow due process.


    Fintiri administration promised Adamawa civil servants a new dawn if elected, eventually he has been declared winnerand sworned in as the current governor of Adamawa, one will think that the governor will immediately look into the payment of promotion arrears of civil servants in the state and the payment of the new minimum wage due to the governor’s pledge before he was sworn in and after he was sworn into office to be the first governor to pay minimum wage in Nigeria, up-till date, while some states in the country commenced the payment of the 30000 naira minimum wage to workers from grade level 3-6 awaiting the consequential adjustment to commence the payment of civil servants from level 7-17, the Adamawa state government still reneged on the minimum wage pledge.


    The same also applied to the issue of workers that have been promoted without cash backing to a new level, I came across workers in the health sector in Adamawa state that is current on level 10 but still collecting 26000 naira meant for level 6 officer in Adamawa state local government. A further enquiry shows that you must be connected before your salary will be adjusted to a new level, not forgetting that over 5000 workers are laid off without payment for over six months. Why government is a continuous process the current administration in Adamawa engaged in shadow boxing to justify their actions against the suspend workers.


    Now that the consequential arrangements of the minimum wage has been put to rest by the Federal government, I see no reason why Adamawa workers will not enjoy their 32000 minimum wage. No one can compare workers leave grants to minimum wage and promotion arrears of the workers in Adamawa as implementing the new minimum wage and looking into promotion arrears by the Fintiri administration will go a long way in pleasing the workers.


    With the FG approval for the implementation of the new minimum wage and the payment of the new minimum wage arrears from April when it was signed into law by President Buhari, the chicken as finally come home to roast when it comes to implementing it in Adamawa.


    Mohammed Gaji wrote from

    Abuja and can be reached on



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