ADSU Examination Malpractice: Concern Adsu Integrity group Demand Resignation of Adsu acting Vice chancellor, Kaleptapwa


    The concern Adsu integrity forum have called for the resignation of the of the acting Vice Chancellor of Adamawa state university, Prof. Kaletapwa George Farauta, following the reinstatement of a lecture sacked by the governing council of the university in 2016.

    In 2016 Prof Tukur Sa’ad led governing council of the university sacked Messrs. John Itodo of business administration for examination malpractice and signature forgery and Musa Zabiti for engaging in examination malpractice.

    In a dramatic twist, Prof. Kaleptapawa led Adsu management in what they called peace move reinstated John Itodo which received backlash from members of the public, and calling for her resignation and sack from the university.

    Reacting to the incident, Musa Sa;ad blasted Prof. Kaleptawa for reinstating the lecturer sacked for examination malpractice just for peace to reign in the university is uncalled for and condemnable.

    He said, “An academia who doesn’t care about the enormity of examination malpractice in the university will only use peace pact with the university union to reinstate a lecturer sacked for malpractice does not deserve to remain as the head of the university.

    The secretary of the forum, Ezekiel Ikwurnyi said Kaleptapwa should have resigned by now due to what he described as “negligence”.

    He said, “In a sane country, Kaleptapwa would have resigned. In a sane country, the acting Vice Chancellor would have resigned or been sacked.

    “In a sane country, some people will pay for negligence. But this is Naija. #KaletapwaMustGo.”

    He said, “Kaleptapwa needs to sit up. She can’t and won’t leave because it was alleged she has backing of the governor’s ally in the state.”

    “It is unimaginable that an acting Vice chancellor will reinstate a lecturer sacked for examination by a governing council of the university due what is called “lets peace reign in the university, why we witness other university taken firm decision against such moral decadence in the university, the university under Kaleptapwa watch as turn to George orwell’s animal farm where animals are much greater than the other.

    The Finder report how two staff were dismissed by the Prof.  Sa’ad led council for examination malpractices and signature forgery.  She brought the one that had the worst case back, because he is an exco member of the union and left the other.

    The concerned staff, who claimed that, Farauta survives on Christian sentiments, wondered if she is an academic and Christian for doing what she did.

    The acting Vice Chancellor of the university is yet to explain why she reinstate one of the two lecturers sacked for similar offence.

    A university source told our correspondent that “the sacked lecturer is a core unionist and that the reason why Zaruwa ran into mud with the unionists is due to the rots he exposed in the activities of the unionist which they are not comfortable with.

    “Kaleptapwa took that decision in order to gain the sympathy and the collaboration of the unionists which itself is a destruction of the integrity of certificates issued by the university.


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