APC to Fintiri: Your anger towards sacked Adamawa workers is ‘wicked and misdirected


    The All progressive congress in Adamawa says the anger used on the innocent workers relived of their employments by Gov. Fintiri is ‘unwarranted invective’ on the innocent workers that was relieved of their appointments today by the governor was misdirected as it best suits devoting more energy on capital projects than venting his anger on the sacked workers and the APC administration that gave them employments.

    The party stated this in reaction to media report Friday after that sacked letters is been distributed to the suspended Adamawa workers by Fintiri led state government in Adamawa state.

    The organising secretary of APC in Adamawa, Mr. Ahmed Lawal for the Record, condemned Mr Fintiri’s handling of the suspended and sacked workers from state government payroll describing it as “wicked and selective”.

    He said the lack of capital projects since the coming on board of PDP government in Adamawa shows Fintiri led administration is “sleeping on the wheel” while the state in on auto pilot.

    The organising secretary, allege that Mr Fintiri’s administration rejected the advice given to him to spare the innocent workers as they did nothing wrong to warrant the sack letters been handed over to them by the government of Fintiri.

    “It is quite sad that Fintiri’s government that failed to initiate a single capital project as the governor of the state despite the huge revenue coming from the federation accounts in Abuja will result to selective sacking of workers to massage his ego fight with his predecessor, Senator Jibrilla Bindow.

    “What will the governor do with the huge revenue coming from Abuja? He queried, No capital project in the state and he further impoverish the suspend workers of Adamawa by handing over sacked letters to those he claim he will give priority to.

    “Adamawa state under Fintiri is more divided than any governor since the creation of the state, we are calling on the governor to quickly rescind this sack decision of selective sacking of workers as being a governor today does not mean you can sit there for ever.

    Lawal, said the attack on the innocent workers is a desperate tactic by the PDP and the Fintiri administration to divert public attention from the cluelessness of Fintiri’s administration which is glaring to everyone in the state.

    “The APC has been made aware of how the PDP government in Adamawa state has been in a frenzy to suppress investigations and deflect public enquiries into the huge revenue coming in from FAAC into Adamawa state without nothing to show for it.

    “Our party has equally been made aware of how the PDP and the Fintiri administration  have been desperate to divert public attention from the administration’s obnoxious decision to further oppress Adamawa residents by claiming to pay salaries only from the huge revenue from Abuja as well as their despicable plot to sack government workers,” Mr Lawal said.

    The party charged the PDP and the Fintiri administration “to perish the idea of thinking that these unnecessary distortions on the Bindow’s administration would bury the demand for an inquest into the racket through which billions of naira meant for the wellbeing of Adamawa state are allegedly being diverted to private purses”.

    “The APC invites Adamawa resident to note how the PDP in Adamawa had remained silent since revelations that Fintiri led state government only pay salaries from the billions of naira coming into the state government coffer without explanation to what happen to the balance after salary payment.

    “Our party further challenges the PDP and the Fintiri administration to speak out on what happen to the recent 9 billion naira loan collected by the state in Adamawa as silent has been the order of the day since the loan was collected.

    “The APC, therefore, charges the PDP in Adamawa not to think that it can cover its mess by trying to make unfounded allegations against Senator Jibirilla Bindow and the APC as Nigerians can now see through their shenanigans,” the statement read.



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