Social media bill: Adamawa Youths Threaten To Recall Senator Abbo, Accuse Him Of Pursuing Personal Interest


    A youth organization in Adamawa State, Adamawa Youths Stakeholders Forum (AYSF), has threatened to initiate a process to recall Mr. Elisha Abbo, the Senator representing Adamawa north in the senate. The group made the threat in a statement jointly signed by its leaders, including Mr. Charles Peter, President; Ahmed Idris, Deputy President; and Paul Zira, Secretary.

    The organization said the open support Abbo show in support for social media bill in the senate without consultation with his constituents is unfortunate and condemnable, the youth decried how Abbo himself benefitted immensely from same social media that contributed to his victory in the last election in Adamawa can make u turn to support the anti-peoples bill, it is affecting the masses. It blamed the situation on Mr. Abbo’s lust for power.

    “We are cognizant of the freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution of Nigeria, it baffles some us that Abbo who has taken to social media many time to post whatever gathering he attend as a senator could make u turn in support of the evil bill called the social media bill before the senate,” said AYSF.

    The group noted with regret that the Senate recently constitute a committee to investigate Abbo for assaulting a lady in a sex toy shop has suddenly turn blind eyes to the report submitted by its committee pertaining the findings against Abbo. AYSF said it is particularly disappointed by the conduct of the Senator Abbo, an indigene of Adamawa State, for refusing to be on the side of the people and the youths that work tirelessly for his victory in 2019, rather he supported those that are angry that most of their sins are exposed using the social media.

    It accused the Senate and Abbo under Mr. Lawan of elevating personal interests above public interest.

    “Sadly, bills of public interest such as Local Government Autonomy Bill and other bills that will make direct impact on the people have not yet received adequate attention from the Senate.

    “We are disappointed that despite the economic recession, which demands urgent attention, the Senate leadership has been paying more attention to how they will kill social media and freedom of expression in this country,” stated AYSF.

    Rather than antagonize, AYSF said Abbo should support those against the bill and be on the side of the youths he represent.

    AYSF maintained that Adamawa State has not felt the impact of producing Senator Abbo. Rather, it said, the people of the state are constantly embarrassed by Mr. Abbo’s obscene display of affluence through making unguarded and childish utterances in public to show he is now a senator before unemployed youths in the state.

    AYSF said it has resolved that if having Abbo from Adamawa State is of no value to the youths in the state and Nigerians in general, it will have no option other than initiate the process to recall Mr. Abbo from the Senate, where he represents Adamawa North Senatorial District.

    “We hereby advise him to realize that he is there to serve the good people of Nigeria, adjust his ways and prioritize the interest of Nigerians above ego and personal political ambition,” said AYSF.


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