Despite Failing to Fulfilled 2019 promises, Fintri kicks off 2020 with new promises

    Gov. Ahmad Fintiri of Adamawa state has yet commenced 2020 with new set of promises, this time the governor has promised to give facelift to the state owned specialist hospital in Yola, despite making similar promise in 2019 and fail to fulfil them.
    Fintiri is known as a serial liar having failed to keep any of his campaign promises to the electorate since his inauguration in May 29th, 2019.
    For instance in 2019 alone, the governor made about 69 promises and unable to fulfil any according to fact check runs by The Finder Newspaper.
    Why most Adamawa electorates is looking forward to seeing the government of Fintiri fulfilling most of the promises he made in 2019, the governor again visited Specialist this time in 2020 to make another round of promises to renovates and equip the only state own hospital.
    According to Facebook post by the governor’s aide attached to the office of his deputy, Fintiri promise to donate 3 million naira to the people of Loco community that suffers from the fire incident that gutted the community market penultimate week, a promise political analyst believe the governor may not keep.
    Reacting to the governor starting 2020 with promises, Ibrahim Luka, admonished the electorate not to expect anything new from this current administration of Fintiri as the governor is known as a serial promises breaker and that such behaviour is expected as we continue into the New Year.
    “what do we expect from a man that promises to form youth base government when elected and backtrack as most of his appointments so far, we hardly see even 10 per cent of youths been appointed by his government, he promise to pay 32000 naira minimum wage, but today the so called minimum wage is only paid in piece meal, what of the 2000 hostel capacity he promised to build in ADSU, not forgetting till date all the state own tertiary institutions lacked funding till date, nobody should expect anything new in 2020”. Luka opined


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