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Eight months in office: Failed Promises Reigns Supreme in Adamawa as Gov. Fintiri has nothing to show –Group cry wolf

A group of human right activists came together Tuesday, Jan. 14 to highlight what they’re calling Gov. Fintiri’s broken promises on in all aspect of governance since he was sworn into office eight months ago.

Ibrahim Luka was joined by several other community leaders at Yola. They said during the last governorship campaign, Fintiri said PDP want to create better health care, pay student scholarship, free education, and infrastructure developments across Adamawa, youth’s empowerment, etc.

However, they say that hasn’t happened. Instead, failed promises have taken over the reins of governance in Adamawa as Fintiri has abandoned all the promises he made to the people and that he can’t point to anything he has started and fulfilled within the eight months of his administration.

“He loves talking about how much he hates civil servants not been taken care of, and the youths been abandoned, nothing this government of Fintiri has to show since eight months in office, minimum wage is been paid in piece meal, all the tertiary institutions in Adamawa lacks funding till date, students scholarship is still hanging, insecurity has taken another dimension,

“The level of kidnapping witness in Adamawa today under Fintiri is unprecedented,  the so called free education, parents pay 640 naira against the 1000 naira they were paying previously, is that free education? But what he hasn’t talked about, and what he hasn’t done at all, is offer anything to replace it,” said Ibrahim Luka.

Local activists say Gov. Fintiri has repeatedly tried to take protections away from people with pre-existing conditions and using different fora to spill out fake promises and lies and giving himself credit for imaginary projects and democratic dividend to the people.

The group question the state government silence over the 9.9billion naira loan approved by the ADSHA for building of 2000 housing units for civil servants in Adamawa and why the government of Fintiri maintain sealed lip about the happenings and update about the utilisation of the 9.9 billion naira loan.



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